Fidelity Starts to Reward Employees in Crypto | French National TV Starts Advertising Bitcoin

Call Me Crazy But It Wouldn’t Surprise Me If Bitcoin Closes 2019 Above 10k+” -Plan B Fidelity Starts to Reward Employees in Crypto French National TV Starts …


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  1. Binance is messed up for that I havnt used them since 2017 and never plan too

    I just buy on cash app and either send it to Coinomi or Coinbase for transferring to other coins or just send it to my ledger nano to hold I did need to buy ada from kucoin for the snapshot and put it on Yoroi

    Binance and a like exchanges wont be around for too much longer in my opinion

  2. Binance are just a pack of criminals refusing to release ADA to those that wanted it back for the staking. People need to vote with their feet and jump to a DEX instead. This after all is why we wanted to get away from the banks right???

  3. Stock to flow the way to go?? yeah great video guys appreciate what you do every day ,hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. Have a great weekend

  4. Yeah, fold is a nice app, using it for couple weeks now. You can get cashback as mentioned. Ref code for the free sats: DAOGY7t4

  5. Finally, that's what we've been waiting for. Soon they'll learn to utilize crypto in cross-board transactions with XRP, corporate smart contracts in Ethereum, EOS, Tron, and, drum bells Amoveo in decentralized markets.

  6. Well, if this goes on like that, soon Amazon will be forced to accept bitcoin– that would be a bombshell right –
    To the moon !!! ??

    I am not depressed at all,
    I am greedy really greedy ?

  7. OK this Thanksgiving I left my house to travel to Fayetteville, AR to visit some family…..Well guess what…..Ran off without my wallet. At a gas station in Gurdon, Arkansas (Population 2,212) I asked them if I could pay for my gas using BTC and guess what….They knew what I was talking about. The cashier had the Cash App on her phone so I downloaded the Cash App to my phone. I had my husband give me his ATM card number over the phone then I transferred money from his bank account and then paid for my gas using the Cash App Visa card. Now granted I still paid in Fiat BUT the Cash App allows you to buy BTC and pay with it. The infrastructure is being built and it works!!

  8. I told my mom about bitcoin and how it will change the future. She is now getting to understanding and see how the USA is not helping us and we need to educate ourselves. Also if it ok, I would like to share to marking tool. Let me know, thank you for all you and your brother do.

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