Fidelity Digital Assets Service Is Live!! Will this TRIGGER a BAKKT Launch?! Plus XRP News!

Hey Altcoin Daily Team! Let’s talk about the Fidelity and Bakkt AND XRP. You are going to like this video. Watch! Like. Comment. Subscribe. Twitter: …


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  1. I originally started my portfolio with ETC, BAT and 0x, but ever since watching your videos I’ve focused on BTC. Currently have 93$ invested and planning on more!! Keep up the great videos!

  2. Game changer, the next crash to $2,400, or$1,500 will put the 21 million club out of reach of the majority of the USA, and the World. Sorry.

  3. Of course money is waiting to jump into this market. No where else can you make 40 percent on your money in a week, unless you're selling drugs. A great YEAR in the stock market is around 13 percent

  4. The big problem to solve,parking it in a safe place. Then it’s over. A BTC is one Bitcoin, not a dollar amount. Something only countries, and billionaires purchase whole ones of. Sad for those that wish they could have bought One BTC for 10 cents, not seeing this was their last chance. But BTC was way to risky.

  5. Want to listen to those that know better than I, listen here. Or Carl at to the moon.
    As for myself, bankers killed my friend, it’s not about the Lambo!

  6. yes, and it will be huge for cyrptos especially certain alts will see all time highs in the near future unlike we have ever seen before as of yet.

  7. It's definitely good news but it's just a first step. If I understand correctly this is just a custody service. They're offering a safe place for large clients to store their Bitcoin so they won't be stolen. Whereas Bakkt is going to be trading, buying and selling Bitcoin. Fidelity will probably grow into some aspects of that, taking orders and executing them for their clients. But right now there's not a close comparison between this Fidelity service and what Bakkt will be coming out with. At least that's how I read it.

  8. The institutions play with telephone number figures. They make our retail OTC purchases look like crypto dust. Anybody that doesn't currently have half a BTC will be mightily pissed off soon.

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