Fasten Your Seatbelts!! IS BITCOIN HEADED TO 10K!!?! [Cryptocurrency, Altcoin News]

Hello Crypto Community! Let’s start this week off right and talk about crypto! Will Bitcoin hit over 10k? Today I want to talk about: Bitcoin, CBOE Files with SEC for …


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  1. I am prepared to be wrong but I was of the impression that the biggest difference between the CBOE ETF and the remainder is the fact that they have successfully secured insurance within this proposal.

  2. You stand your citizenship in the way. Pick your coins for the future. What does a project of the future do? not fast money, projects of the future is important and support from you citizens

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  4. could you please say which altcoin is the best for long-term investment, imagine I want to buy it today and keep it for at least 7-8 years( no trading just keeping). on one of your video you were very optimistic about TRON, do you still believe that? please answer my question. thanks

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  6. Great video brothers
    I think ETF will answer end of September if they say NO thats mean more buying opportunity for the next few weeks if they say YES we will enjoy the ride….LONG term F… Bullish…

  7. Yes some Alts are trash, however even the worse one has Bitcoin and or Ethereum, let me explain, when you buy into an ICO you have to pay with either Bitcoin or Ether, not cash or credit card, say a company has 500 Bitcoin, then Bitcoin goes to 50k for example, that can only make a trash ICO stable because they have the Bitcoin. many so called experts like Tone Vays never tell you this.

  8. "Is BTC heading to $10k !!??"
    Well, one day later and we have our answer. NO!
    Guys, these quick pumps are now always followed by dumps. Today's BTC price behavior is NOT last year's. It's done, guys. Take profits if you can during these pumps. Take a look at the chart for gold or silver over the past 10 years. This is what it will most likely look like for BTC – and the alts will do even worse. BTC isn't dead, but it is mortally wounded – and it might be many years before we see it break to any new ATHs.

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