Facebook Moves Into Cryptocurrency | Joe Rogan Podcast To Have Bitcoin Expert | Coinbase [News]

Recent Cryptocurrency News: Facebook is aggressively expanding his blockchain division! Andreas Antonopoulos will be on the Joe Rogan Podcast in 2019!


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  1. I have been watching ur vids for about 3 months stright every single morning when I wake up to go to work I watch a video to find out what’s going on then head to work lol

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  4. Facebook creating crypto makes no sense, if you actually underatand Facebook and you underatand crypto. There is an underlining here which you dont see. Most likely crypto is just going to be a means to and end for Facebook, it will use cryptos popularity for its own gains.

  5. This is not about helping people…its about expanding their monoploy and attempt to control the cc market…this is not a good thing…it could very well destroy this space

  6. facebook has had shit tokens for years, if its not decentralised and limited supply its just the same rubbish an they can't really call it a cryptocurrency,, if it was a stable coin against Bitcoin in satoshi value instead of USD value then I'd be happy with it and so would the facebook user's growing portfolio an spending power.

  7. If there's any idiot who would buy or mine into this, you got nothing but yourself to blame. The idea of cryptocurrency is based on randomly and difficulty increasing computer generated equations. If you think the guy that stole Facebook idea from his collegemate and been litterly abusing you with his Facebook rediculous policies and constant nagging isn't gonna cheat on this, I'm really not sure what to tell you.

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