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  1. I congratulate those who make money on NFT's. Well done, you. However, i am not supporter of NFT's, yeah there some instances where they could be useful. But mainly they are used for speculation. They do not provide any value to society (well except in copyright instances). That is just another craze promoting flow on the money where someone gets rich and most just lose money making absolutely stupid purchases.

  2. that Twitter video is false advertising. Where is the toxic mud slinging we all have seen on Twitter? Show it how it really is.

  3. I can totally see companies dumping on hodlers within Solana whereas with Cardano, well nearly 70% of all ADA is staked (most of it by retail investors). So if any company goes with ADA, I'd think that they're legit, because they are the ones putting their trust/risk in the consumer instead of vice versa. Retail investors are in the minority when it comes to owning Solana. I own both, but my bag is bigger with ADA.

    In order words, I'm NOT saying avoid Solana. That is not what I'm saying. I'm just saying as with any crypto, I wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket (ETH, SOL or ADA), but especially with a basket where retailers aren't the majority holders. Be safe all. (Not financial advice)

  4. Ethereum should never be worried, first mover and so far ahead of the rest. EthGang ethereum 👑 ultrasound money 🦇 🔊 however I would throw some fiat into wax and a few other chains because even though I don't believe they will overtake eth I do see major gains coming to them at whatever point the leader btc pumps again the altcoins especially NFT defi social tokens metaverse etc will go parabolic, the million dollar question is which ones are going to be the best. Also will ada move big move after the news of sundaeswap hmmm 🤔 idk but it could be a sleeping giant. And whatever chain Walmart uses is gonna flyyyyyy

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