Experts Are Wrong: Bottom $2,500 or $1,800? Manipulation Evidence [Crypto Crash Bottom]

Hey Team! I think the “Experts” are wrong! Let’s talk about potential Bitcoin bottoms. I see…$2900; $2500; or $1800… What do you think? Also, I want to show you …


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  1. Don't buy Crypto!!! With 1 quadrillion in futures /Shorting/derivatives market betting AGAINST crypto on CME and cryptofacilities Instutional investors won't let you profit on crypto. Crypto is now just something to be shorted, futured and have a derivative party for institutional investors. Also coinmarketcap is bogus. It is missing the 1 quadrillion of shorting on CME, cryptofacilities and OTC markets

  2. I'm not an expert but I just want to let everyone know that bitcoin or cryptocurrency is going to be the "world currency". As well all know that Zionists and rich families controls the banking system and pretty much everything else. If you look at the magazine cover of "the econonist" magazine 2018 it shows that the US collar is burning meaning that its going to crash soon and the eagle is holding a coin which I decoded as a bit coin and even on the side of the image its says "get ready for the world currency". Just like that 20 years ago it was planned that Donald trump is going to be the president of USA as per showed in the simpsons cartoon. Only the people know about this will appreciate what i just said. Choice is yours 🙂

  3. bitcoin doesn't have bottom now the actual bottom was 6200 it was only Roger and craig Wright causing such things and also mtgox dumps these events we cannot tie with the cycles that played earlier or match with previous events because now bitcoin is differnt then what it was.. Remember when people shout bottom it reacts opposite

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