Ethereum to $5000 in 3 months? LAST CHANCE To Buy Ethereum? MASSIVE Cryptocurrency Price INEVITABLE!

ETHEREUM IS ABOUT TO HAVE A LIQUIDITY CRISIS JUST LIKE BITCOIN!! We all know what happened when demand outstripped supply of $BTC.


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  1. Neblio has been itching for a jump. what with all the stuff being built on it and it still hasn't responded to this bull market yet since it's such a low marketcap. It's going to make a comeback into the top 100 again

  2. Actually it will 8x, you're discounting inflation and a much more attractive surge (mainly people missing out on BTC) will cause it to go parabolic, twice as much as last alt coin season.

  3. … I could cry :/

    the last few days were quite unfunny (I had actually hoped 2020 remains the worst year ever)

    after it has burned in our house and the fire department

    has now made more dirt than extinguished.

    Have I realized today that my entire savings

    (not much, for me nevertheless half a year of really hard work and nights watching videos and reading books)

    just under 2.3 ETH and still a few euros from various other Altcoins.

    Since I have my wallet seeds and passwords on nem USB stick and on my notebook hard drive. Both were in the area to be deleted.

    I had tried to think of everything possible … but a fire ?

    I am such a fool in addition even poorer than before.

    Honestly, with the certainly great profits that one or the other is currently earning, it would certainly be a fine move to finance me a few 0.xxxxETH for an early restart. Giving makes but also happy (provided you have something)

    I leave my ETH wallet address in the hope that someone helps me on the jumps. Thanks for reading so far.

    Greetings Mark

    ETH Address: 0x04A68eDE4EA39a6F1ab05E4464057125cDD2Beb5

    i will say, nobody came to harm, only the full kitchen and my mind :/

  4. Already subscribed, thank you for this video

    Btw will you say about Stakenet? Their DEX will be the 1st with BTC-USDT pair, over Layer2! They got listed on Bitfinex and I’ve got some XSN. Before that they coopeared with Litecoin. Should I buy more?

  5. Good reviews, ty

    Will you review BotOcean? That’s an algorithm-based. All voting appears on-chain to be fully decentralized. They aim to let traders and investors hit their goals. What will you say?

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