Ethereum Hodlers – VERY BULLISH On-Chain Cryptocurrency Metrics in May 2021!! [BE READY]

Is now a good time to buy Ethereum? Plus, the LATEST cryptocurrency news including Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Stacks Token, Gary Vee, and more altcoin news in …


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  1. Scammers are getting much worse guys!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! ?

  2. Great analysis man. $PONF holders should also be ready for something big soon. $POND is doing well now, and one of the best tokens to save on Binance with it's 20% APR, a real token to bag

  3. BITCOIN is becoming more appealing to lnvestors seeking low-correlation assets that diversify portfolios. The U.S. investment bank noted that high volatility “acts as a headwind towards further adoption.” The signs that BlTCOIN’s volatility is diminishing could see it “crowding out goId” as a portfolio diversifier and suggests a long-term price target which makes now the right time to stack up more BlTCOIN. I have been more skillful than lucky to be honest also thanks to Carl Jenkins who trained me as my initial investment was multiplied by 5 In two months. After getting in touch with Carl an anaIyst in the cryptospace, who showed me how to use his program to make transactions and got I7 btc in 2 moths with him. if you are looking for a way to increase your portfolio or investment. Jenkins can be reached on Tҽʅҽqɾαɱ @Carljenkinsfxt

  4. The people that are doge millionaires and not selling are the same people on that lottery show that shows what happens when you lose it all lol… poor financial literacy

  5. Ethereum is looking very strong. Smart contracts is the future for sure. Obviously, 10K is very realistic by the end of the year guys. The point though, is to HODL and be patient. They day that a $6,500 Eth is going to sound cheap, is coming! ?

  6. how on earth could you ask "do we like Gary Vee or not" …"cash grab" or not, he's just a guy earning an honest living and using his talents the right way to earn himself some good money . Why would you dislike the guy? On the flip side compare that to what Cara Delavigne is doing, and that's like 2 different universes.

  7. PinWheelBSC is the first charity token to help prevent pollution to the planet. They automatically donate to a charity, that helps make the earth a cleaner place, every time they get 500 holders. They also already made their first donation! Don’t miss this one.

  8. Gary V is an inspiration to all young and older people, i been watching him since i was younger his definately shifted my mindset to better

  9. I’ve already subscribed, bro. Do u know something about NFT TONE? It is my boss in the NFT segment. Could u research them Plz??

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