Elrond Review: Mainnet Launch | Proof Of Stake | Mobile Game [Cryptocurrency News Online]

BONUS VIDEO! Thank you to http://www.elrond.com [Elrond Cryptocurrency Review] At Altcoin Daily we bring you the BEST cryptocurrency news online. Follow …


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  1. Aaron, please make more videos on Elrond. Does not need to be sponsored. You might be getting into a project like the early days of Ethereum so best to research more and share. Elrond has been announcing new partnerships and projects almost daily before the launch. Very exciting times!

  2. i read the docs. u need to stake around $30k in ERD to become a validator. isn't that a bit much? I would like to improve the network with my machnine at home so it can scale out, but locking in $30k in one project is a bit much for me.

    Why is there such a barrier to help the network grow?
    Thanks for the responses

  3. Hi guys. Thank you for your videos! I wanted to put some elrond in my basket but when I go on BinanceUS it's not listed. I live in the US and not sure where else I could get some. Can anyone give a noob some advice?!?! Lol. Thank you for your help.

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