ELLIPAL Wallet integrates with InfStones to support ATOM & XTZ staking

ELLIPAL Wallet integrates with InfStones to support ATOM and XTZ staking

InfStones, a decentralized blockchain infrastructure provider for cryptocurrencies, announced it has partnered with ELLIPAL, a crypto wallet app plus hardware wallet provider with native support for over 1,000+ coins and tokens, to implement in-wallet Cosmos (ATOM) and Tezos (XTZ) staking.

Going forward, InfStones will provide professional staking services to ELLIPAL Wallet. Users of ELLIPAL can stake ATOM and XTZ to InfStones validator nodes directly in their mobile wallets to earn rewards.

ELLIPAL has supported ATOM and XTZ since the summer of 2020.

“If your plan is to store ATOM and XTZ on the ELLIPAL for the long term, one of the best ways you can make it happen is to stake them. You can stake the ATOM and XTZ in your ELLIPAL Wallet and earn ATOM and XTZ rewards. With staking on the ELLIPAL, your ATOM and XTZ are both secure and earning interest.”
– The InfStones Team


The ELLIPAL Titan cryptocurrency hardware wallet includes air-gap security and anti-tamper features. These security measures protect user’s ATOM and XTZ from both remote and physical attacks.

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