DON'T BE FOOLED: Bitcoin is Here to Stay [Cryptocurrency News]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!! Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin. Talk to us on Twiter here: …


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  1. BTC drops $100 and the sky is falling! Cryptos are not going anywhere, they've been too well integrated into the overall financial system. I fear manipulation more than anything else. Giancarlo is a good man, I've been watching him for a long time and I wouldn't be all that surprised if he has a little BTC in his own portfolio. I don't really like Coinbase for my own reasons, but they are a powerhouse and were probably the first and only way to convert fiat for a while. I also don't like Coinmarketcap- they fudge the numbers- I use Coincheckup.

  2. i would say safe exchange coin will be best performer in q4. they will have their marketplace released by end of november. i see it outperforming all altcoins due to the marketplace being an amazon equivalent for cryptocurrencies

  3. Instructional money is already in crypto. Do not think smart money has not already found out how to get in. I am with you..I want BTC to rise as well. I still see BTC going further down before the rise up. Nice video..thank you for your work.

  4. For example, if I have apollo or pundi x in binance, and I keep it there, and soon or late it will have to get a airdrop, will it be airdropped automatically?

  5. Always prepare to do the opposite to what mainstream media are saying, if they're saying BTC is dead then you can be sure a large rally is incoming and the time is to buy. When it pumps over xmas, the media will be covering it, advertising the massive gains and the price. It is then that you will know that its time to sell.

  6. lots of positive news but noone outside the btc comunity doesnt even knowa bout all this thats why price is shit once the whales load up enough they gona start spreading good news and sheeps gona run so theywill unload it all on the sheeplets

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  8. What we need is a mass adoption of at least one of the 2000 or so crypto projects. For now, crypto projects have not proven to be useful in terms of mass adoption. Expect prices to remain stagnant for the short to medium term.

  9. So…. I should sell my crypto and invest in the Coinbase company? JK. I know you are not a financial advisor.
    Yes, I'm listening. So… no, I don't think BTC is dead. As for Q4 alts, I am hoping that ETH, and XRP perform well, but that's just because I own some. Maybe the competition for 2nd place will push them both forward? Thanks for the video!

  10. Btc is NOT dead or going away in my and I'm sure in others opinions good old Media fud is a reason why crypto's struggle to flourish and I've noticed this while only being into crypto for under a year. Looking forward to that top 6 altcoin for Q4 video. Great work team

  11. 140 countries???? how stupid is this guy? US dollar is the biggest fiat which is not worth the paper.Tell him that

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