Dogecoin is about to EXPLODE! (5 Coins I Like)

Dogecoin is getting ready to EXPLODE! (Here is WHY) Best Exchange to Buy & Trade Bitcoin is Bitget: …


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  1. Wow you're really reaching if you're trying to say Dogecoin is going to explode in the bear Market. Definitely in a bull market but now, no way

  2. Reddit avatars had the most explosive token come from the hype called $CONE and will be the next big thing. Don’t fade $CONE it’s already up 6314% and will continue to grow.

  3. DOGE is pointless. It's a joke. It was created as a joke. It hasn't changed.
    Musk likes the idea of being King of Doge but that aside – it deserves to die.

  4. If Alibaba uses the Avalanche blockchain technology how does this affect the price of AVAX? Its one thing for companies to use the underlying tech but another entirely to support or accept the coins/tokens. We see this a lot but nothing happens to the value of them and when it does it usually goes lower. When we see something like Spotify/uTorrent connection it looks great for the future but they sold uTorrent to Bittorrent basically signaling the death of a music/torrent/crypto connection for that lot.
    I just dont put any faith in these corporate partnerships with cryptos that will do anything meaningful to the short-term value of whatever token or coin is featured. Short-term meaning 3 or 4 years. You have to be on the inside to know what is going on and what it means for these partnerships. For us its mostly just throwing darts with a blindfold on.

  5. dogecoin is a knock-off from Litecoin…
    if LTC has a good halving rise than Dogecoin will go Zoom Zoom like an old Mazda car…
    and if Elon sneezes thats another story… lol

  6. There's no way in hell it's going to explode and if it does it's not going to explode to what it used to be everyone knows about Dodgecoin so no altcoin daily just no

  7. ZEC is not a privacy coin. If you ain’t private by default then you aren’t really private in my opinion

  8. Propaganda of Polygony instead look on Solana which is 100times beter in everything is real mess. I see now how independent media this is…real disapointment. Following chanel for years

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