Does Bitcoin Rehypothecation INCREASE the 21 Million Limit? What IMPACT Does Bitcoin Lending Have?

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  1. 40% of alt coins are owned by the CCP so if we were to declare war against China say bye bye to your coins! Bitcoin is as good as the fiat currency it is based on. For the most part, debt death and dollar collapse

  2. I like what he said about there is still only one owner of the keys to the coins. But I guess the question is will multiple people have rights to those coins? If I give 1 BTC to BlockFI – who then lends out that BTC – does BlockFi maintain the keys? So I technically own it and BlockFi has now given someone else the right to own it? IF I want my 1 BTC back – then BlockFI would need to have another BTC for the one they lent? How is that audited? That's the tricky part.

  3. Not your keys not your crypto. Money Lending is a shady practice with fiat let alone in Bitcoin and crypto. It's usually used as a way to take advantage of people who think they're getting free money. Please exercise extreme caution when dealing with money lending platforms. They are frequently designed to take advantage of people and many of these platforms are scams. Many of these companies rose and fell in the 2017 bull run. They would hold your crypto in your "account" and then the next day the website was gone along with your coins and you were SOL. Please understand what you're risking and what you're getting back from using a money lending platform. It's a shame that Altcoin Daily promotes these kinds of platforms. It detracts from the credibility of the channel. I like this channel for crypto news, but this isn't news.

  4. I get his point where it would be great to never sell, though you gotta capture the most amount of value somehow. Though the thought of 1 bit getting high enough to live off lending interest? Oh meh lawd.

  5. The only reason you would borrow Bitcoin is to sell it short it into the market and bring the price down. Bitcoin has no inflation, so requires nobody to take risks to beat inflation. It doesn't work like old money!

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