DIP!!! WARNING TO ALL NEW BITCOIN HOLDERS! All NEW Cryptocurrency Investors NEED To Watch This.

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  1. The British government is warning about the company’s that you are advertising! It was not talking about crypto currency’s but about giving money to those „lending“ platforms etc. It makes you look bad that you are not able to talk about that article in detail that by the way is fake news! You have to read the original announcement on the government Website!

  2. The cold reality is that the Fed and IMF will never allow a mainstream crypto that competes with theirs. The Bitcoin pushers know this and will continue to hype it while they sell out, leaving the suckers to take the losses in the end.

  3. One of the best Bitcoin videos I have ever seen. I didn't even know about the amount of obituaries for BTC that existed out there. Stupid people who live inside their own paradigms or trying to scare people away as they arrived late for the party. Cryptos are here to stay. It was about time some libertarian scream opened up people's minds…

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  5. Solar Flare? I'm still not able to find a straight answer about if a solar flare happens. If you mine then you need to get it into a wallet to get it into the blockchain? Something like that? Supposedly a solar flare would not affect every single computer/server across the globe? Do you have a video about this?

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