DIGITEX Launch Party! Interview With CEO ADAM TODD [Cryptocurrency News Online]

Join us for a live stream interview with the CEO of DIGITEX Adam Todd! [20 minute interview] Find out ALL info for today’s event here: …


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  1. Yay ur back!!!! My grandma says u get more ? with honey, but tbh I sent YouTube support a mean letter regarding taking u guys off YouTube, but allowing scam commercials!!!

  2. Todays news, Binance Smart Chain Validator is powered by micro altcoin (ANKR) an
    Under Valued gem. In my humble (ANKR) is now ready for a big move.
    $$$$$$$$$$$HALLA at your boy!!!

  3. I don’t see any utility for this token. You should be able to deposit bitcoin or ETH and trade that. They are going to undercut you when you have to convert digittex back to btc or ETH. They make their money off the exchange rate. That ceo just looks shifty to me ! I need to be convinced further. Just another casino to lose your money

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