Did I Change My Mind On Tron [TRX]? MUST WATCH!

Hey Team, Watch Altcoin Daily, Ivan on Tech, FUD TV, Crypto Zombie & many other “Crypto Influencers” tour the Tron offices, meet the TRX/BTT developers, …


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  1. Hey Team! If you want me to release an interview in full, comment below which full interview you want to see! Cheers!

    1:07 Cliff [Tron's Head of Communication] Interview
    3:09 FudTV Interview
    5:54 IvanOnTech Interview
    7:54 Mid Earth Crypto Interview
    8:43 Tron's Champagne Toast
    9:36 Has FudTV's Opinion of Tron Changed??
    13:11 Crypto Beadles Interview
    14:29 Has IvanOnTech's Opinion of Tron Changed??
    16:22 CryptoWendyO Interview
    17:45 CryptoZombie Interview
    19:18 BitBoy Interview
    22:24 Has Mid Earth Crypto's Opinion of Tron Changed??
    23:19 Altcoin Daily Final Tron Thoughts

  2. Good job going to San Fran and meeting the Tron team, very interesting to watch. I thought this was camera trickery and then i realised you're actually twins! 😀

  3. Excellent report. Professional – engaging. I have followed TRON almost from the start. They opened my eyes and brought to light that CRYPTO is so much more than coins. I have a great interest in the use of blockchain tech as a tool to support democracy.

  4. Great interviewing. This is the first "real" news I've seen out of this event. Insightful viewpoints from assorted personalities. I like your unbiased take.

  5. The Tron Corporation LITERALLY Wined and Dined the group. I think most of the influencers can see right through to the Goal of what Tron is doing here. And its not to actually improve themselves, but to improve their image. 22:26 I think Quin got duped though. lol.

    honestly, this makes me distrust tron even more. I have a large bag in NEO, another Chinese project directed at Westerners, and when Tron scooped up Bittorrent from NEO, i was a little mad that Tron got it instead of NEO. Now in Hindsight, I'm so glad that Tron took it. I dont see how monetizing the network that is used primarily for illegally downloading Hollywood Films and TV can be a good thing for any business/corporation. But I'm starting to wonder if NEO is also a Chinese Hustle business that just takes Westerner money and doesn't really ever produce anything? thats what tron feels like to me. Classic Chinese Hustle. <–Watch this documentary when you get the chance. It will make you a wiser investor. I see the Tron Sun Glasses, Tron Water Bottles, Black truffles, Wine, unintelligible whiteboard made to confuse and impress… THERES NO SUBSTANCE. Its all just hype and marketing. I'm surprised they didn't pay Johnny depp or some other hollywood/sports figure to host the event.

  6. This great, well edited video affirmed my bitcoin maximalism more than making me a believer in Tron. It did raise questions about tron, but didn't really explain its value or that of btt, so it didn't really influence any opinion. I do enjoy learning from your videos daily and especially enjoyed your recent feature on xrp. Very informative. I live here in SF and you guys got so lucky with the weather, you don't even know!!!! Bring that LA weather up here anytime guys!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I own a bit of Tron but not much, that said this is in my opinion your coolest video so far. Would be awesome to see more blockchain projects reaching out to Influencers in this fashion.

  8. Sorry to say but Cliff is the kind of guy I don't trust at all. He makes the whole project look like a giant scam (which it probably is).

  9. When WendyO released her interview with Cliff, that brought up my confidence more. Everyone was jumping on the bandwagon over a postponed and a misleading chinese article on JS being stuck in china lunch while I was waiting to actually hear the facts. I got in when TRX was 3 cents back in 2017 amd stuck around during 2018 because they were out making more moves and developments that the rest of the crypto space. Does JS need to chill with the marketing, ofcourse, but that does not discredit what the team has done and what they plan to accomplish. It's a 8 year project that will go through 2 BTC cycles. As long as they are developing and putting out good product, I'm invested while making passive income from staking and airdrops.

    Ofcourse I'm not all in and people should be diversified. If this fails, then I have other cryptos that can cover it, but if this succeeds, I'll be a very happy man. Even if the price was to stay the exact same for the next few years, I still come out better than having the money sitting in my bank account since I get daily and monthly dividends at a higher percentage than what a bank gives. No matter what, I win in the long term

  10. Tron is always going to be in the Top 20 so having a bag can only be a lucrative investment in future. People saying only ADA instead of Tron is not smart but rather having bags of both is best because they both will be solid top 20 placed coins with BTC, ETH and XRP and LTC locked up in the Top 10 so having a broad range of top 20 coins ensures a healthy portfolio.

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