Deutsche Bank Takes HUGE Hit! Bitcoin Survives! Don’t Be Fooled – Big Things are Happening.

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  1. Critics keep on thinking of bitcoin as a failure because of the price volatility and its lack of use as a currency as such. This is purely a terminology issue. Bitcoin should shed the label “cryptocurrency” it’s in fact something more akin to digital gold and that should be its true analogue for comparison purposes. Not to say blockchain as a tech cannot also supplant fiat currencies too, but it will not be bitcoin that satisfies that functionality.

  2. Don’t be foolish, Banks might crash, but the reach in power behind establish the crypto market long time ago to track you all, to lead to a globalist work, do the research, follow the money, see who creates the rules

  3. Just be aware, banks are going to fight HARD and DIRTY to try to monopolize crypto for themselves be it by hook or by crook. I'm predicting draconian regulations, endless red tape and harassment of anyone trying to get out from under them as this space continues to grow and put their power in jeopardy.

    While it's cool to see the banks start to collapse, don't forget that they still not go quietly.

  4. The pedophile elites are gonna hide their money in cryptos as they feel the Jeffrey Epstein BURN !!!!!! TRILLIONS COMING TO CRYPTOS! !!!

  5. Deutsche bank should be ashamed of themselves if they called in Trumps debts they could save the jobs and be more productive to their share holders who really owns the bank Trump or the Russians.

  6. Help me understand… You said Fidelity was mining Bitcoin years before they admitted to it right… This Deutsche Bank is now saying they believe in block chain. So how is Bitcoin shaking things up when it seems some of the biggest financial institutions have been in it from the beginning? Coinbase and Cashapp require your ID to invest in a crypto currency that's supposed to be decentralized. Facebook is now coming out with it's own crypto version of currency. Bitcoin and other crypto currency are good ways of making money. But, if there's just a finite sum of it… Isn't Bitcoin and block chain actually making the world smaller, easier to track, with far less privacy. Please respond. Thanks

  7. Deutsche Bank is about to implode because of all of the trillions of dollars of derivatives on their books. Buying into bitcoin is a last ditch effort to try to save themselves. If anything is going to make the price of bitcoin explode, it will be the implosion of Deutsche Bank.

  8. Deutsche Bank is about to implode because of all of the trillions of dollars of derivatives on their books. I find it hilarious that in their press release they don’t mention the fact that they’re about to blow up! LOL Buying into bitcoin is a last ditch effort to try to save themselves. If anything is going to make the price of bitcoin explode, it will be the implosion of Deutsche Bank. Deutsche bank is a ticking time bomb. It has been for a while. They tried to merge Deutsche bank with another bank in Germany like what happened during the 2008 housing crisis here in the United States, and it didn’t work. The fact that Deutsche Bank is coming out with this press release tells me it’s teetering on the brink at this point. Long live bitcoin!

  9. Deutsche Bank had a sit down along with JP Morgan Chase and others where Brad Garlinghouse was the keynote speaker a few weeks ago.

  10. I am being made redundant after being with the bank for 5 years as an analyst. It's all a cover up…..most banks are going to go bust

  11. I'm very dubious of BC. I can't get past the fact that it's a digital currency, meaning that all what needs to happen someone flicks a switch and the entire world has NO access to funds. Digital currency could may well be the ultimate scam to rip the entire world off. There has already been cases concerning digital currency whereby investors have lost all investments due to NOT being able to access their accounts. The recent case of Gerald Cotten, "deceased" CEO of Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX is (so far) the ultimate example of this. Nobody for sure knows who the creator of this phenomenon. Actually sounds very reminiscent of what we have now. i.e central bank such as the Bank of England where NOBODY knows for sure who owns its shares. I do believe it's the same as the FED over in America. Nobody knows for sure who are the main investors of the FED are. Therefore and like BC, these people are one step ahead of the masses because they simply know what's going on. But YOU don't! Your just being told this is the future, go out and invest in it.

    Precious metals is the ultimate security. You just need to research how to buy it and then (and most importantly) how to secure it once purchased.

  12. Guys from what I know about Mark, he's an EXCELLENT programmer and an even better business man. With that said, I believe libra will be the best centralized stablecoin in existence once it comes out and passes through it's beta phase(s). Agree? Disagree? And how are you going to prepare to profit if you agree?

  13. I tried to do a bank transfer to get some crypto a couple of weeks ago (bare in mind I've done it before just had a new card arrive as the old one expired) and had my bank account frozen. I called up, passed extensive security checks and they treated me like a criminal and blatantly didnot take me seriously when I said I needed money to buy some food. Then they got super suspicious when I said I'm going on holiday in a couple of days so this is really inconvenient to say the least. After all that they refused to tell me the reason why it's happening until I come into the branch with two forms of ID. I had to go in (miles away from home) for them to unblock my account. I decided not to do the transfer with them but do it with another bank so I canceled the transaction. Two days ago I tried to do the bank transfer with this bank again (Barclays) and figured nothing was happening (the accounts weren't frozen but the money hasn't left the account). I called up and yet again had to go through extensive security checks and explain to them what is the reason for my payment…! Having to explain myself what I'm doing with my money is absolutely outrageous and even though I was fine with banking before now I can definitely say f em!

  14. Bitcoins continues to grow without a government backup because it is the democracy of money in that it is made BY the people(miners), made FOR the people(peer to peer transactions) and it is secure because OF the people(decentralised blockchain)

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