CRYPTOTAG REVIEW: I Am Changing Crypto HODL Strategy To Keep My Bitcoin Safe

These guys keep taking private key management up another step. I would recommend as a recovery seed storage device. Check out my video review to find out …


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  1. Hi, I use a Ledger Nano S. I like what they did but it is expensive. I would like more a credit card size titanium plate that I can then stomp with numbers.

  2. I use HandCash, Centbee, Money Button, and Exodus. They all use a 12 word seed phrase, so if I win one, I could back up 2 wallets… but I guess I’m late to the party.

  3. CRYPTOTAG "Are you afraid of loosing your 24 word phrase paper?"
    ME: "Uhm, maybe a little bit, why?"
    CRYPTOTAG: "Afraid that your email, where you sent a picture of it to, will get hacked?"
    ME: "I got 2FA on mine, but maybe a bit, why?"
    CRYPTOTAG "Then why not spend 99 Euros and a sh*tload of time punching holes in a piece of titanium, that can also be lost or hacked, if you take a picture of it?"
    ME: "Shut up and take my money!"

  4. Memorized my ledger nano s seed phrase. These titanium shizzle sheets seem like a good idea for when I’ll lose my sanity after a couple more bulls and bears ?????

  5. Have I got this correct? If you are worried about theft, this is no better than writing on paper. So the only benefit is around physical destruction like fire etc.

  6. Great product BUT as far as floods, earths life, sinkholes, fire, explosion, robbery, earthquakes, tornadoes and volcanoes, 2012, 1999, NWO, wouldn’t the cryptotag still be gone?! no matter how well it’s been engraved in whatever

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