Cryptocurrency Market Manipulation CONTINUES as US Investigates Tether Fraud | Cryptocurrency News

Is Tether manipulating bitcoin? Which cryptocurrency will rise in 2020? Breaking news: Bitfinex’s appeal has been rejected, and now the top crypto exchange


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  1. XRP is trash! 20+% inflation! It is controlled by big banks… They probably minted a huge amount of XRP, then sold it to the fools thinking they are going to get rich then bought the tweets to get more fools to rush in…

  2. I have been making alot from cyber007hacking on google mail, they are the best for anyone who want to make high profit on BTC and etherum.

  3. Both ads YouTube pushed to me while watching your video today were crypto giveaway scam adverts featuring Joe Rogan. I can’t believe the best YouTube gives us for reporting these adverts is ‘inappropriate’ (at least that’s all I can report on my YouTube mobile app). They should at least have ‘deceptive’ if not ‘scam’ available as reasons for reporting.

  4. One of the ads that ran during your video was the XRP asymmetrical giveaway scam. How the hell does youtube/google allow this?

  5. I don't know the coins that would be best in the end but Bitcoin and probably Ethereum are going down hard long term as Gretta Thunberg style attacks have begun about how bad they are for the environment and stupid shit like that, it will not stop. Remember that.

  6. #xDai #Stake
    Reasons for Recommendation @, @

    i) Layer 2 solution, so faster than ethereum and less clogging in network
    ii) Have dual token model (xdai(Stable), stake(governance))
    iii) This premise can be applied to any ERC20 token, not just dai, and there can be n number of coins, like xdai, xabc, xxyz etc. But with common governance token "stake".
    iv) Many projects already started to switch in xdai (like 1Hive, KickBack) and many more on the phase of adoption
    v) xdai is participating in "The Great Reddit Scaling Bake-off", and it has all the ingradients to win this competition.

    > Transaction speed for Dai = 1-3 minutes
    > Transaction speed for xDai = 5 seconds
    > Source: @t

    > Transaction fee for Dai = $0.15 USD (Variable based on eth gas fee)
    > Transaction fee for xDai = $0.000021 USD (Set fee, stable cost

  7. who is the face of tether and who is the face of bitfinex? You guys are very biased because when certain people who are not even in the technical side of crypto like e.g floyd mayweather who was conned into some scam everyone made him a bandit in videos and articles.. tether been scamming also many big crypto leaders and ceos and no one calls names … only the name of the company is mentioned… hypocrites everyone!!

  8. every little move XRP makes pacifies the depressed followers who invested everything as the one and only chosen one coin… Them seeing all altcoins moving for the last 3 months have given them a big tummy gripe.. The little moves upwards made them feel a little better to come outside and play… But The rain is coming again and XRP will be stable at 20 cents for another 12 months, they will all have to go back in inside to their little corner of hopium.

  9. There's a gold-backed stable coin coming out that is 3rd party audited (unlike tether). Makes sense, backed by gold instead of USD which is being printed/debased at an amazing rate these days. Gold-backed stable coin will be in presale from Aug 1st to Oct 15th. Let me know if you want to know more about it – obviously you have to be in the inner circle to get in on the presale, which has lifetime benefits.

  10. You heard it here first. XHV will get listed on Huobi Global, which is connected to Tether Cartel. Upon a successful XHV mainnet launch, Watch USDT and other stablecoins head to the exits for XHV to convert it into xUSD.

  11. $850 million loss now that huge, most times trading lesser coins like ADA or XRP is risky bitcoin on other hand has some guarantee to make you rich, $19,000 in just 3 weeks I am so glad I own bitcoin ??

  12. Can you check Kardiachain ( KAI ) please and give us an opinion?
    Some strong points about KardiaChain:
    – It has easy, non-invasive interoperability, which is better interoperability than Icon, Cosmos and Polkadot, and comparable with Quant. Connecting blockchains don't need to make changes/adopt KardiaChain tech. And only KardiaChain and Quant allow multi-blockchain apps.
    – KardiaChain is partnered with LG, the Korean electronics giant. LG wants to use KardiaChain tech to compete with its rival Samsung in the blockchain space
    – The KardiaChain team includes 4 ex-Google engineers, including two Google team leads
    – The KardiaChain IEO, held in April 2020, was oversubscribed 19x. The team turned down $19 million from investors and kept only the intended $1 million raise. That's a measure of their integrity and how much confidence they have in the project.
    – They're partnered with Viettel, Vietnam's largest mobile provider with 100 million customers. Customers can use their mobile balances to buy KAI. Vietnam has the world's 6th largest mobile user base. There is very little credit card and debit card use in Vietnam, so there is little legacy competition for KardiaChain. The Vietnamese government is keen to make Vietnam a tech leader including in the crypto space.
    -They're partnered with Vietnam's national TV broadcaster with their ONsports dAPP for sports betting, livestream donations to players, rewards and merchandise. Already several hundred thousand users. This is particularly big for football (soccer), Vietnamese being huge football fans
    – KardiaChain has strong support from the Vietnamese government and work closely with the government
    – All this at a market cap of less than $5 million
    The comment was copied from a different video. Thanks!

  13. Idiotic leftists censoring everything considered too conservative and right wing, yet they are allowing to run scam ads. This is literally too pathetic…

  14. Wow 8 commercials in a 10:38 video!!!!!!! You are going to lose lots of follower by allowing so many commercials in your videos or get lots of tums down. You share good info and I like it but I hate to have to skip on one of the commercials every minute. Sorry man!!!!

  15. The scams are rampant. They come on before and during most videos for me. They misrepresent that famous people such as Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak are sponsoring the ads. I can't find a way to report these ads as the button for reporting actually reports the main video and not the ads.

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