Cryptocurrency Has Just Gone MAINSTREAM! MILLIONS Of People Just Got Exposed On Showtime’s BILLIONS!

‘Billions’ Say YES To Bitcoin in 2020! [Bitcoin & Crypto News & Opinion] Follow us on Twitter: The Epic Bitcoin Dump of 2020 …


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  1. Of course your only comments about ripple and xrp are uninformed and misleading…Jed McCaleb founded Stellar, and has probably sold his XRP to fund his second project which is failing horribly. You should mention these things to your viewers before just bagging our ripple and xrp. It amazes me how all you bitcoin maxies are so scared or ripple and xrp that you find the need to twist stories to suit your own narrative. How about reporting on all the incredible progress ripple is making in the space, along with r3?? Thought this was an Altcoin channel??

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  3. Haaaaaa hhhhhaaa hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa hhhhhhahahahahahaahhhaHahHHa I love it. Say goodbye too dishonest weights and balances. Say hello to a more honest Ledger. Everything that can be shaken will be.

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