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  1. SmartKey is a brilliant, live project already in use by polish council in Olsztyn City for emergency services and Korean Kia Motors..

    Huge partnerships with: KIA motors, Teltonika, Ferguson, Chainlink, Waves etc…

    Massive use cases.

    Project under superb experience tech team..

    Mate literally it is a Winner u can not missed and it is one of "Must have in portfolio!"


  2. Having a big issue with coinbase… when I go to convert one coin to another they say 0 fee but when I look at my trans action there is always a few or more cents missing ……. anyone else endure this issue ?

  3. Whitney Tilson, a reputable investor is suggesting bitcoin will collapse due to tge connections to the fraudulent USD tether. Can you please address thIs, shoukd we be concerned?

  4. Are we able to join a foreign exchange to purchase coins you can't find on American exchanges or are we unable to log in on foreign exchanges?

  5. I know it’s very weird mentioning an exit strategy when you wanna see everything going up but I would love it if you could talk about your exit strategy

  6. The advent of digital currency is a success on many aspects of life and I'm so excited to be part of this adventure making money online with bitcion. And for everyone out here trying to better their financial situation “keep pushing alot can change in a year!

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