Crypto Expert Predicts 'Final Flush'.. Bitcoin Crash in 2023 | Gareth Soloway Latest Warning

Why is Bitcoin going down? Will cryptocurrency crash again in 2023? Today we are joined by veteran trader Gareth Soloway to …


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  1. Both 0N72AM and BTC are game changer, glad to have them on my portfolio and hope you are considering adding them too?, Yes you that is reading my comment

  2. Love Altcoin daily! Love Gareth! Great video. Gareth has great way of delivering his knowledge with out making you feel like a crypto simp. He humbly throws around numbers like 100k and you feel like you could still have a chat at a bar with this fella even if you don’t know what a Bitcoin is. ❤

  3. “I study history” which to an American means I study a specific part of American history that fits my bias and I apply it to a current world situation and that’s exactly what I tell everyone is going to happen 😂 GTFO of here Gareth

  4. This is not Lehman Brothers situation.
    FTX and others are not even close to trillion dollars.
    This guy is wall street.
    Ask him how much money he made in Lehman Brothers fiasco.

  5. It does not make sense to average down if he thinks it might not go down. If he has 500,000 USD more to put on bitcoin, why not put them all now, especially if he thinks it can go to 100,000

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