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Crypto derivatives exchange restarts open source developer grant program

BitMEX, the popular cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, today announced that its Open Source Developer Grant program will soon be re-opened for new applicants.

The exchange started directly supporting Bitcoin developers in July 2019 with a $50,000 grant to Michael Ford. Since then BitMEX renewed Michael’s grant for another two years and has also supported other open source Bitcoin developers, such as Gleb Naumenko, Calvin Kim, Amiti Uttarwar, and Jeremy Rubin.

“Our support for these developers is very much long-term. Although the grant commitments are normally for twelve months, we are always looking to renew them and continue our support. We believe our track record so far demonstrates this. In the last few months it was announced that Amiti will be supported by Gemini and therefore her funding from BitMEX will end. We aim to identify new open source Bitcoin developer talent and support them financially for a few years. We are delighted that another exchange has taken over funding and we will look to attract new developer talent as a result.​​​​​​​”
– The BitMEX Team


In the months ahead, the BitMEX team plans to identify one or two more open source Bitcoin developers to support; initially for twelve months but potentially for the longer term.

After successful application submission; the chosen developers will be interviewed by the Head of Research at BitMEX; as well as the developers building and maintaining BitMEX’s Bitcoin wallet.

Interviews are likely to take place in August with new grantees to be announced at the end of September.

For more information, check out the BitMEX grant page.

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