What I Like and What I Dislike | 3 Month Update | Cryptocurrency News | Product Review

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  1. The "free" $50 comes in the form of locked crypto. In order to unlock it, you have to sign up for one of their cards. If all you want is the "free" $50 and are not interested in signing up for a card, don't bother with this platform. I'm interested in a crypto card, just not in the debit variety where you have to manage your crypto in order to use it like a ton of platforms have now. I'm waiting for BlockFi's credit card. Much easier. It's also a platform you earn interest on your crypto…no crapcoin staking required and it's fully US regulated and custodied by Gemini.

  2. There are some things I do and don't like, but one thing I'm having trouble with is that "minimum CRO stake of 1000" when they don't even let you stake if it's under 5-10k…

  3. The UNI supercharger event is a real good thing in my opinion. I am doing it. Another event coming up on 6th October to get half price BAND token. All good stuff. Plus the earn section where you earn for staking CRO, BTC, ETH,XRP, LINK, BAT.

  4. Simple and great app. No fees transfering funds from exchange to app to earn to fiat to card etc.
    Bad for old MCO holders but they needed to do it to go further on the utility of their token. It was a lesser evil and for the new investors it actualy gave some profits. Most important they listen to the comunity!!!

  5. Cyberspin made it very clear to me that hackers are real…..due to the covid 19 all over the world ….he made me realize my investment won't go in vain so I give it a trial and now I'm the happiest Being on Earth……..text him on telegram cyberspin………

  6. Interesting, thanks for being none biased and for the info. Heads up I had a terrible experience with them, i HATE them with a passion lmao. But thanks for covering this anyway!

  7. Hey man, i love watching your videos, you respect the name of this channel…. Will you be so kind and tell us about Electroneum (ETN) they literally made crypto useful on daily basis… My humble request to check it out and give us a detailed review of Electroneum's future… Thanks man.

  8. They're great at keeping you in the loop all the way up until they do a token swap from MCO to CRO and screw their initial investors over

  9. I just love my CDC card, and all their services, is basically my main card and my go to platform of investing, can't recommend it more

  10. Start mining pi, the cryptocurrency will be launched this year, and once it does, you won't be able to mine anymore. You don't need graphics cards you only need your phone, is cloud mining. It doesn't consume battery. It's on coinmarketcap in untracked listing. On marketplace there are already transactions for value of $100 aprox and when you just download the app you mine at 0.25 pis/hour. Use my code as an invitation.
    Code: Name246
    Download the app Pi network.

  11. You guys really gotta check out $VELO, they're backed by the Charoen Pokphand Group, largest company in Thailand and one of the largest conglomerates in the world. They can buy out every scam out there and delete it if they want, imagine what they can do with Velo.

    Also CP group revenue is over $60 billion USD to date. It's freaking insane.

  12. Hi your reviews are amazing can you review our coin YuF yearn Ultra Finance I think it has a lot of potential only 5000 supply about to go on CoinGecko please it would be amazing for a review many thanks Paul buy on uniswap part of DeFi network many thanks

  13. Level01 is an amazing project, Don't miss out buying tokens great pump coming. Level01 is going to be huge if you haven't bought, buy your tokens now.

  14. At the beginning I was a little hesitant to apply and open an account, but now I am glad I did. ?
    Really happy with the progress and the way to make money.??
    I started with the ruby MCO Visa, and now I am planning on upgrading to higher value.
    I recommend you try it and see for yourself.

    I however do regret not finding a referral code when I signed up and missed out on the free $50 ?

    ?$ 50?with this code when you first register for the app :


  15. Customer service stinks, and I still don't fully trust the company structure, governance. Marselek involved with the failed esogo

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