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  1. I asked a question about view only API keys they didnt understand what I was talking about. Also took 3 weeks. Couldn't download a csv file because it said I had no transactions. I have found over the 6 times I've used them, support is really not knowledgeable. I've had more luck on reddit. It really feels like it's in beta.

  2. okay I have app. I was in the process of moving when I signed up and i cant update my address. and Now i am waiting on customer support! I am on a waiting list for them to get to me. They say they cant keep up with the costumer demand. well u do all the advertising u would think u would get an up tick in customers and be better organized!

  3. Hallo Aaron & Austin you do really a great job every day, i really like to hear your opinion and for that i yust want to say thank you.
    Maybe one critical point about the above video: Since facts have changed (MCO has to be changed to CRO (You must complete this process by 2 Nov 2020 at 23:59 UTC, Circulating Supply
    18.597.716.895 CRO Total Supply CRO)) altcoin daily should reconsider some of shared opinions publicly.

  4. I am doing a give away of 100 000 000 VeChain. ??? (i own 5x that amount so I can give away some)

    Rules are simple:
    To participate you just need to send 10 000 VET or more to my public wallet address and I will immediately send you back 20 000 VET (x2 back) to the address you sent from.


    If you send 50.000 VET you get 150.000 VET
    If you send 100.000 VET, you get 300.000 VET

    If you send 200.000 VET, you get 500.000 VET

    Please don’t send more than 200.000 VET as I have put a limit of 500.000 VET per wallet. ?

    You can only participate once and a max of 100 000 000 VET give away!

    If you send me VET after the 100 000 000 VET give away, you will get that amount back as it will not be valid anymore. LIMITED GIVE AWAY

    Address for transactions:


  5. Another great video! You have a new subscriber.

    I just received my Ruby Visa card. I used a referral link from another YouTuber with code ypsk2snzka and had a $100 sign-up bonus.

  6. Kindly make a detailed video with the cro addition, syndicate method analysis if possible with 1000 CROs and not 10000. Thanks

  7. Great video, thanks very much. I've just signed up so thanks for the £37.36 😉 Just trying to get my head around the various staking rewards and terms, and the different card levels and taking amounts required to try and judge how much to load on there.

    My referral code is hbpdjn98hy if anyone is interested!

  8. The 18% are for their own coins CRO, with a minimum of amount of 10,000 CRO (currently at about $1600) which might drop and rise with Bitcoin (so be prepared for 30% flash-crashes); while also locking it up for 3-months. If you wanted get the best interest under a peaceful stable option, simply get Stablecoin (such as USDC), which currently is at 10% for 3 months. What I am not sure is if you need to hold a small amount of CRO also to get it but if so, not more than 1,000 CRO (~$160).

  9. Hey guys and gals,
    It is an interest!
    Maybe a short time benefit, but looks like a decentralized concept blending with a centralized bank.
    collusion here

  10. 6months later from when you posted this video CRO is poised to moon because of the launch of mainnet and the CRO burn schedule. I'm so glad I have over 42k CRO

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