Crypto.Com Extends Its Sponsorship to Formula 1 Sprint Series

Crypto.Com Extends Its Sponsorship to Formula 1 Sprint Series

The global enters the F1 market to extend its support to the F1 “sprint” series. F1 will also exhibit the brand’s name on the race tracks as global sponsors to support the growing development.

Following the announcement of partnering with Circle, another news of the same crypto domain has surfaced where has declared their support to Formula 1 races and has promised to extend their sponsorship to F1 inaugural “sprint” series.

The announcement has come ahead of the Formula 1 Pirelli British Grand Prix and has caused a visible stir in the market with forming new alliances to make the BTC trading more acceptable and mainstream.

Crypto.Com Sponsors Formula 1, Will Exhibit Branding At Each Track Of F1 Races

In addition to making cryptocurrency transactions more popular and available to all, has been continuously forging its way ahead with making the BTC and other crypto variants accessible in 30+ countries. Along with this, the crypto giant has announced its latest sponsorship with the F1 inaugural series called “Sprint” which will further solidify the branding of the app.’s branding will be visible on each race track as a prominent sponsor of the series and will serve as an official cryptocurrency global sponsor of the Formula 1 race program. With this sponsorship, aims to establish active contacts with clients and audiences of varied backgrounds and ages and make them more aware of the benefits of pursuing crypto transactions.

Crypto.Com Signs Sponsorship Deals With Major Sports Organizations had previously signed deals with the Hockey League team and Montreal Canadiens in March to make crypto popular among sports enthusiasts and utilize the power of sports in encouraging crypto mining and boost its success rates. Following the same course of action, has now granted its sponsorship to F1 which will further boost the ideas and objectives of the company to make crypto lead the financial market.

The CEO of F1 Stefano Domenicali has commented how the sponsorship will boost the innovation streak of major sports events and will prove beneficial to both parties in general. CEO Kris Marszalek also stated his goal to reduce the carbon emissions caused due to crypto trading and pledged to become a carbon negative brand in 18 months to offer “clean crypto” transactions for all.

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