Crypto Beadles Is BULLISH on Bitcoin Cash! Full Interview Tron Event!

Full Crypto Beadles interview from the Tron Event in San Fransisco! In this video we ask Beadles his thoughts on Tron [TRX], what is Monarch, and talk to him …


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  1. I don't think people are open minded to thinking about Bitcoin Cash today. If people were to look at it with a set of fresh eyes they might be surprised at what they see. The way it operates from the user's perspective is what we all signed up for.

    If we are talking hash power, Bitcoin Cash has the hash power that Bitcoin did back in early 2017. So if you don't like Bitcoin Cash because of the hash power, you wouldn't have liked BTC at the start of 2017. I will say the hash power is the biggest single thing holding back BCH right now no doubt I think everyone understands that. There are certainly much larger obstacles to overcome for other cryptocurrencies. But as speculators and investors we are interested in looking further than our nose into seeing what can be.

    Just my opinion 🙂

  2. The fact that his opinion cant be changed about tron unless he hears from Justin Sun shows trons weakness. Clear central point of failure. Whos opinion would you have to hear to change your opinion on bitcoin?

  3. I got into Crypto’s only a few months ago. I remember looking at all the coins and being super confused as to what is what.

    BCH was really confusing as I had no idea what the hell is was and it looked like a scam, and when I researched it, the first things that came up were people calling it a scam.

    I wonder if other new people will have the same experience, it’s why I stay away from BCH now.

  4. Imagine being able to buy Bitcoin for under a 1000 dolllars, that's Bitcoin Cash. You'd be stupid not to buy it. Bitcoin Cash beats Bitcoin at any point and because of that it will eventually achieve more hashrate and a higher price then Bitcoin, since Bitcoin got it's high price by being used in commerce. Now all that commerce is on Bitcoin Cash and so the success will follow. Otherwise Bitcoin has no value …. since that came from commerce.

  5. HA! I love how u cut the video right at God bless. Hes the next future infomercial pro. He needs to be selling oxy clean and my pillows God bless. If you are going to bring up God every 5 seconds to promote yourself you better have a list longer than my dick of charities you contribute to and that's not asking much. I didn't specify what font

  6. BCH transactions are cheaper because BCH isnt used and is cheaper per coin. On BCH logic use VTC (its only been 51% attacked a couple times.) its even cheaper per transaction or any other S@#$coin. Security/decentralization are all that matter.

  7. I like Bitcoin Cash. The hash power is just an outcome of how usable it is. By introducing block size limit, introducing Replace by Fee and some nonsense on Bitcoin, BTC core devs just made BTC unusable. Gavin Andresen (who Satoshi trusted and made software bullet proof in early days) gave access to Luke Dash Jr and some other devs and they all kicked Gavin out of the repo and hijacked the whole Bitcoin founding Blockstream (funded by banks) whose motive is just to earn money by introducing LN, liquid networks etc. Guys like Mike Hearn left Bitcoin because of this. If you are talking about Hash power, BCH hash power is same as Bitcoin had in early 2017.
    If you are talking about Lightning network, to open a channel on Lightning network u still have to pay onchain fees which with 1 mb block size , fees gonna skyrocket.
    SEE THIS VIDEO and some of his videos :

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