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Ren, an open protocol that enables the movement of value between blockchains, announced today that the integration of RenVM with the Solana blockchain is now live. From today, users can bridge Solana assets through RenBridge. Initially, BTC, ZEC, BCH, and DOGE are supported with more assets coming.

Ren-assets on Solana

Firstly, the Ren team will be working to ensure that Ren-based assets are adopted throughout the entire Solana ecosystem. This includes various AMMs and lending platforms such as Saber, Serum, Solaris, Step Finance, Anchor, Jet Protocol, Mango, Oxygen, Phantom Wallet, and more.

Solana (Mainnet SPL Token Contracts):

  • renBCH: G1a6jxYz3m8DVyMqYnuV7s86wD4fvuXYneWSpLJkmsXj
  • renDGB: FKJvvVJ242tX7zFtzTmzqoA631LqHh4CdgcN8dcfFSju
  • renDOGE: ArUkYE2XDKzqy77PRRGjo4wREWwqk6RXTfM9NeqzPvjU
  • renLUNA: 8wv2KAykQstNAj2oW6AHANGBiFKVFhvMiyyzzjhkmGvE
  • renZEC: E99CQ2gFMmbiyK2bwiaFNWUUmwz4r8k2CVEFxwuvQ7ue

Developing Cross-Chain dApps on Solana with RenJS

Third-party developers can now build cross-chain dApps on Solana with the RenJS SDK. Moreover, in the coming weeks; Ren will produce Solana-specific tutorials to make the process smooth for developers.

“Solana brings a unique set of features to the layer one space, along with a growing ecosystem and community. Given our relationship with Alameda, we’ll be working with Solana throughout the remainder of 2021 to greatly expand utility for both protocols. This is another key step in Ren’s larger vision of connecting all blockchains, ultimately allowing the fluid movement of liquidity throughout the blockchain ecosystem.”
– Michael Burgess, Ren COO


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