Confirmed! PayPal Just Said YES to Cryptocurrency in 2020! | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

PayPal has confirmed that it is developing capabilities in the cryptocurrency space, according to a letter to the European Commission. This is HUGE for bitcoin


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  1. Long time watcher first time comment, you guys are consistently providing the latest important news and general great content, quality channel, love it, cheers guys.

  2. Great so another company wants to use and control block chain tech. We need less control and not more companies trying to profit and control everything.

  3. Tons of bitcoin adoption the past 2 years..nd we even had a cut in supply in half ..bitcoin is in a new phase of never having the pumps of past or even dumps ..kung flu virus was an exception of panic …long story short …might see all time high in 10 years if itz adopted. more worldwide

  4. Well just a tidbit Nivdia being odd …"disc and price rise for crypto boom demand and new line" then I watch this o..du thank you sir No price gouging me!!

  5. Ethereum is not valuable, the protocol is. This proves that the products built on top of Ethereum will be the valuable coins / tokens.

  6. Yet the price stays the same… This is an example of how the price makes the news, not the other way around. ADTER the price does something, that's when people say "look it's because of this news"

  7. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

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