Coinchange Announces Zero-fee Crypto Trading and Up to 25% APY on Stored Assets

Coinchange’s High Yield Account which is scheduled for launch on July 30 will enable users to lock their USDC and receive an annual percentage yield of up to 25%.

Coinchange has announced zero-fee crypto trading coupled with a new High Yield Account which will provide all users with up to 25% annual return on their USDC balances. The press release from the digital asset platform revealed that both existing and new customers can already enjoy the benefits of 0% fees on all deposits to the platform, as well as conversions between BTC, ETH, USDC and USDT.

Coinchange’s High Yield Account – scheduled for launch on July 26 – will enable users to lock their USDC and receive an annual percentage yield of up to 25%. The company also announced that BTC and ETH will be supported within the High Yield Account later this year, which will give customers the option to hold crypto assets that have proven to increase in value each year and generate significant income from them. Coinchange’s 25% APY is the highest of any comparable platform in the crypto space.

The new High Yield Account feature from Coinchange “enables clients to access DeFi’s outperforming returns utilizing yield farming strategies, without the downsides of having to constantly monitor the market”, according to the press release.

Maxim Galash, CEO of Coinchange, stated after the announcement that with their zero commission fees for trading in place, the company is now the most competitive crypto brokerage service in the market. “With our High Yield Account paying users up to 25% on their holdings, we are proud to offer both the lowest fees and the highest earnings in the crypto space” he said. “And it’s not just about the fees, we are a safe, licensed, and regulated company that does a great job of simplifying a difficult user experience, democratizing access to new financial instruments currently unavailable to most people.”

Galash also added that the company will become highly attractive to all types of customers looking for something with low fees and high yields. The company’s High Yield Account is built on centralized and decentralized financial technologies to give customers the best of both worlds. The platform according to the press release is user-friendly with a modern interface that makes depositing and managing funds easy.

Automated strategies designed by the experts employed by the crypto broker ensure that customers’ funds are always working as hard as possible, locked in the highest-yielding protocols while its security protocols protect users from the risks and uncertainties the DeFi space can pose for newbies.

Coinchange was founded in 2018 and has since become a rapidly-growing digital asset platform. The company is licensed and regulated in Canada and accepted in 33 states in the US.

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