CNBC Anchor REVEALS His Bitcoin Holdings! Big Change From Last 12 Years | Amazing For Cryptocurrency

CNBC Anchor REVEALS His Bitcoin Holdings! This Is A Big Change From Last 12 Years | Amazing For Cryptocurrency!!! ☝️☝️☝️ Let us know in the comment …


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  1. Just read on CoinTelegraph #ONE/USDT par was pumped by famous Joe007 whale and his team. They've made 44% profit in just two days. Such so-called whales have no moral. They use pump & dump to earn. You may find his Telegram channel by searching for Joe007Official in Telegram.

  2. I wish everyone could have been at my lawyers office when I added my Crypto holdings into my will for my kids. The lawyer is now a BTC Hodl….I helped him set up his account to buy in exchange for his fees!!

  3. BITCOIN Must succeed!!!

    People has to realize that BITCOIN is a limited amount of 21 million and there are billions of people from around the world that will never be able to own a whole BITCOIN because of its scarcity. Think about it… Would you be one of them??

  4. Of course it could go higher but there a a few BIG problems with Bitcoin, A quick few. 1) If it gets big what makes you think Governments will not crush it; No way Big brother is gong to give up power to the masses. 2) It's is prohibitively inefficient to use at about $68 per transaction 3) It doesn't exist except virtually 4) Technology always advances. Why would anyone ever believe that the first attempt at cryptocurrency would be the best and have longevity and finally, If you believe the crooks on Wall street will not take you for a ride and end up with your money after hyping a fad then you haven't read any history.

  5. Amazing how 2years ago bitcoin was only used by drug dealers scammers and criminals according to msn now bitcoin its digital gold meanwhile phisical gold has become a tier one asset and the big banks and smart investors are buying but its a small market msn are now saying buy bitcoin Arguably although the first crypto by no stretch of the imagination the best crypto there are far better crypto’s but for some reason msn just pushes bitcoin And call it digital gold Yet fail to say there can be infinite crypto’s Start ups and alt coins this makes me Highly suspicious of their motives No thank you muchley

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  7. One thing I’d like you to discuss that no one is talking about is a massive selloff of gold.

    94 million millennials (U.S.) are inheriting $72 Trillion over the next 120 months. The biggest wealth transfer in the history of man. Will they buy or hold gold? ????

    Bitcoin returns are widely outpacing that of gold. Central banks are beginning to sell their gold.

    As bitcoin blows through $25,000 I think there will be a full on collapse of gold prices. Supply rising and demand falling off a cliff.

    Gold serves no purpose. It is a manual typewriter.

    We are all focused on bitcoin rising and ignoring that gold will be the loser. Just like Ford and GM vs Tesla.

  8. xETH is an elastic rebase token with no negative rebases, pegged at 0.01 ETH and uses tax as a deflationary mechanism to maintain above peg price!

  9. Hi guys, I have to thank you on behalf of the entire group of subscribers for doing the research for all of us as a starting point to look further into whatever we personally believe in or feel comfortable with. Greetings from the other side of the world and looking forward to all broadcasts to come ???

  10. I love the fact you specified that this is not get rich fast scheme. I don't know who needs to hear this ,you've got to stop saving money . invest some part of It,if you really want financial freedom.
    Invest in bitcoin, gold , buy stock, forex market, commodities, just invest and save yourself

  11. Reddcoin is looking like it will jump up, could be massive. Redd-ID is out soon and talks of being added to binance.. One to jump on fast. It would be great to see you get a review on that please you can see easy going by the charts this is a no brainer to pump. Could be the best buy of the year..

  12. Amazing! Thanks for your reviews, it is always actual for me

    Any thoughts about “cryptoincubator”? I advise you to check Duck DAO site and post a review of this cool. As for me, they can gain heights places in the crypto space

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