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  1. If china didn't believe in digital currency they wouldn't develop their own digital currency. This is all about having supreme dominance and control over industries that might pose a threat to their policies

  2. (hin@ is on verge of destruction. They will loose Hongkong, Tibet, Manchuria etc. All of these are forcefully acquired by brute force. They are after Taiwan & once they try to do this they will be totally obliterated by India, Japan, Australia, UK, Britain & France.

  3. <BTC and most altcoins are attempting to capitalize on today’s market-wide oversold bounce but the recovery could be thwarted by sell pressure at overhead resistance levels. Claudtowner a Crypto analyst has projected Bitcoin to reach 100k “in late 2021 or early 2022” and 175k in the long-term. His analysts is also positive on Ether, valuing it “structurally” between 26k and 35k. In fact this is a perfect opportunity to take charge of the market by trading alongside with this Crypto-whaler cause he offer daily signal and strategy to understand the current pattern of the market which has earn me up to 8BTC in a month.

  4. How often china crashes the market 🙁 didn´t even know the blockfi card, it sounds very nice. And the snoop dogg news, i love it 😀 I´m new into the nft game since i found blockmonster, and there is directly such a cool news <3

  5. The info about China banning BTC was already available on the 15th of September… why talk about it 2 weeks later? The dip we had yesterday is whales using the China FUD… not the actual China ban…. A strategy the whales usually use…

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