Cardano OVER Ethereum! Charles Hoskinson DECLARES WAR on ETH & Issues WARNING to ALL ADA Holders!

Charles Hoskinson DECLARES WAR on ETHEREUM & Issues WARNING to ALL CARDANO Holders! Hit Like, Share, and Subscribe for more daily …


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  1. Just a bad take. Yes Charles is melodramatic, but he articulated the possible differences fairly well. I like both, but if you really listened to the points this, he’s not even concerned about competing with Ethereum, so this tribalism talk is also drumming up unnecessary drama. Competition is better for your portfolio, but not less.

  2. Charles has some Crypto PTSD from other coin fanboys abuse…He is just venting out ….rather then declaring war……Yes he is talking about himself…..and blended it with the rest of the Cardano community……he is just emphasizing that there is a lot ignorant Euphoria ..or fair weather traders..rather then focusing on the pump price….focus on the utility and real world changes that Cardano is only beginning to realize…….

  3. Ethereum has been condemned (and still is) by bitcoin maximalists, cardano has been condemned by ethereum people. So what? Grow over it. Stop QQ about it. Deliver. It's great to have the greatest product of all time, but you have to deliver for once ^^ Things are in the making for years now, just like ethereum, but at least ethereum got a network where Dapps actually run on. I am a fan of cardano to some degree, but honestly, every project has received criticism and will do so for many moons to come.

  4. somewhat unprofessional declaration of a CEO of such a promising blockchain project in my point of view. instead of being caught in some negative past experiences between colleagues or other people like a child, the focus here should be on technology

  5. That seems interesting mate

    Btw, I want to tell that this Apollo project is trully great. I seldom see tokens that are not verbal, but really put audit proofs and give guarantees not only in words.

  6. Cool vid, thanks to u. I am going to share that

    I know that u were bothered by a million of ppl about coin CSX. In case I buy, payback guaranteed?

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