CARDANO is about to EXPLODE in SPRING! URGENT Cardano News Update (TOP Reason ADA Price ERUPTs 2021)

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  1. WOW! We have as much TVL locked into DeFi as Ethereum- Tron is deflationary 3 months ahead of schedule-Tron #1 in USDT issuance 2 months ahead of schedule-Tron is faster than Ethereum easily and Cardano easily!!. Tron is worth way more than $1 and is pegging the Dollar. TRX^$$ Tron is.065 a steal!

  2. This video is displaying an error message and not loading the video. I tend to think this is some skullduggery that YT are indulging in. it's not good and can't find anything else it can be.

  3. Tron the worlds busiest and fastest growing block chain beating ethereum and cardano with speed (2000tps) and lower gas=World leader in USDT issuance and Worlds 1st deflationary asset because of shear volume of transactions and use cases burn Tron for power further increasing price of Tron!!

  4. To All the ADA holders ? sheep that didn't think ETHERIUM would be over $1900+ again. The JOKES ON U ? Minority investors 'APRIL FOOLS'.

  5. The way you make it sound cardano is the alt coin to end all alt coins and major competitor to ethereum hahaha, you're are excited about cardano entering smart contracts,nft usage, influx of staking holders etc ( no government contracts)… man ICX icon has all that done and dusted and more going for it…dont make it look like cardano is the alt coin to end alt coins…what a joke…keep it real ?

  6. This video was actually great but I think CVR will make this world more honest heh. They provide the perfect insurance system for all assets in crypto with good staking options and a secure. What do you think?

  7. That feels great man

    Ok, I want to say that this $PLOT is trully nice. I seldom see coins that are not verbal, but really give day-to-day value and give guarantees not only in words.

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