Charles Hoskinson’s BIG PLANS for Cardano over next 12 months! Hit Like, Share, and Subscribe for more daily cryptocurrency


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  1. I continue to by Cardano and loving this market crash. The thing I like about Cardano is the transparency, everything is there if you take the time to search, find and read. Is it the fastest, no. Does it implement changes quickly, no. Does the foundation run around sponsoring stadiums, no. It is rigorously tested, it has a clear path set out and does what it sets out to do. 2022 we will see a dramatic increase in transaction throughput via Vasil and Hydra. Vasil will allow hundreds of Dapps to launch upon the Cardano Ecosystem in June. Unlike Solana and Luna there is no off switch as it is a fully decentralised ecosystem. I don't care about the YouTubers or people who hate on Cardano, each to their own. But let the LUNA collapse be a warning to those who think VC's have the people's interest in mind, it all about making money and to hell with the consequence. Du Kwon doesn't care LUNA/ANCOR investors lost everything he still has a ton of money in the back. Cardano is for the people and run by the Cardano Community.

  2. If there's one thing I've learnt following Charlie Hosky it's, whatever he predicts, will likely happen, but you have to add 12-18 months to his prediction and then you won't be disappointed.

  3. Charles talks very good. he knows just what to say and when to say it. he's ridiculously intelligent.. unfortunately it seems to be all talk…

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  5. Cardano isn’t the “best to market”…sundeaswap sucks as$ and if that’s any indication on how cardano will roll out…I’m glad I sold that ADA smegma

  6. Yeah, I am not getting this from any other project. Cardano tells us what they're going to do, why they are doing it, then do it. No fluff, no toxicity. The best projects are Cardano, Harmony and Coti.

  7. Why not burn some Cardano , the lesser the supply the price will go up. Am I right? I bought some Cardano a while ago when it was high and now is down I lost out a lot.

  8. I was going to buy back into Ethereum. This guy seems to be a man of strong character. Those are the people I like to support. ADA it is.

  9. Everyday people keep asking "should i buy
    bitcoin now? should i sell now?" i always
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