Cardano (ADA), Ripple (XRP), Iota (IOTA) just formed NEW Cryptocurrency SUPER GROUP! [Bitcoin News]

Like. Comment. Subscribe. Twitter: Meet INATBA: A super team of Ripple, IOTA, Cardano, Consensys, R3, and others …


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  1. It hurts my heart to hear you say Superman in marvel lol ? you about to get the comic fans hyped in the comment section

  2. Brother, you are too brilliant to be sounding ignorant… Please practise your pronounciation of UAE. There is no G. In Emirates. It's not Emigrates which is what you said 4 times

  3. Iota is vere promissing .. With m2m payment and data storage .
    Iota has only 2,7 billion token compered to XRP with 100 Billion token. Allso Cardano over 45 billion token .
    That means the price for iota is vere cheap compered to other tokens

  4. Thanks for the news. As a comment on how big the supply of xrp is, they just gave away 70 million some xrp. That's three times as much Bitcoin as will ever exist. And they won't even notice it's gone.

  5. I liked XRP a lot at first. I didn't see the problem with it being a bank token. I was certain it would be huge. Until I really got into the Inter Ledger Protocol or ILP and found out the XRP token is not required on Ripple Labs network to do transactions. My fear is the tokens will become like expensive pogs and other currencies will transact over Ripples network without the need for XRP at all.

  6. So you're saying we should sell Tesla because it went down and buy BTC because it went up? Sell low so we can buy high – ingenious!

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