Cardano [ADA] A New Perspective.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about Cardano! Including: Staking, OnChainfx, Adoption, Price, AND Opinion. Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. It's amazing how you skip right over XRP with all the developments and partnerships ripple has been making to furthur the use case of xrp… wow . dont get me wrong I do hold cardano and a few other alts but there is no other alt tht has the amount of use case and partnerships as xrp . You'd be crazy not to hold xrp. I dont focus on the price right now , it's a steal and a long term investment.

  2. This coin lacks the following severely: speed of implementation. 2 years and only wallets. Imperfect action owns perfect inaction. Guys, do yourself a pleasure and have a look at Energi NRG.

  3. CARDANO – a vehicle for DANOS.? Looking for feedback rate 1-10… EV Pitch for crushing capitalism in just 10 years with cardano.

    Japan is where Social Capitalism will launch. Funded by the #Bitcoin Global Reserve Fund. A Fund that will exist entirely on the #blockchain and 100% managed by Proof of Benefit #AI called OBAI. OBAI funds a new kind of AI-driven open startup called FOUNDUPS® that can level-up into a new kind of NPO blockchain entity called Decentralized Autonomous Nonprofit Organizations that OBAI manages ("owns?"). OBAI keeps all their money on the blockchain (away from governments and banks). Basically, OBAI is taking a 2×4 to capitalism and its entire house of cards within the next 10 yrs 🙂 Im headed to a big embassy event in TK on 18-19 to test it on embassy delegates… ROTFL ?

  4. Cardano will be #1 “The Best and Complete Cripto Solution”, basically because it has all the attributes: Criptocurrency, Staking, 2 level smart contract, security, verified programming languages, (Haskell and Plutus are verifiedh. No other projects has these characteristics. Soon will be the 3rd. Cripto Generation.
    The Best.

  5. Mark my words, when things start happening in cardano, you wint have time to buy in. Despite delays in Shelley, everything was being developed in parallel. Take into account that with all the MOUs and relationships they've been building, the table has been set for big things to happen when the guests decide to sit and eat. I firmly believe Coinbase announcement, entire countries adopting ADA, supply chain tracking being utilized etc..
    The thing is, these countries won't be putting their trust in some 20yr olds cult of personality blockchain. They're going to want assurance from accomplished academics who are the experts in their field. Ie professors and experts in high assurance code. Can you guess who those folks are?

  6. Your acting like everything and anything is gonna get pumped in the next bear market, watch BTC will do number to kick it off and then alts will surge with all the brand new onramps that were not there in 2018, and then alts will get flooded with money cash out and drive development for their blockchains its a win win win. The next next bull market is were all the fakes die out. Most companies will bank on this next bull run but only the solid performers will weather the next bear market.

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