Can Zcash 10x By The Next Major Bull Run? [Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Price Prediction]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team! Great video! Today, I answer the question: Can Zcash 10x by the next major bull run. I give you my opinion. Let me know what you think …


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  1. Good analysis, never thought about the coffee store guy looking up my public address to find my salary. I can even think of more scarier examples in which the seller adapts the selling price based on your salary. You guys are one of the best crypto channels in the space. Keep up the good (daily) work! Thanks

  2. I know that you cant prevent the use of private coins, but if the government's will ban private coins the gains will be very low. For me the risk is too big to invest in privacy coins untill we have reasons to believe the will be adopted all over the world by many serious companies

  3. Bro, you seriously need to do a review of Raven Coin. Currently seating at 20 million market cap, it will have a testnet on 30th of July and it's still trading on CryptoBridge. I'm telling you when this little shit goes to a bigger exchange expect some serious Moon action. Patrick Byrne Overstock CEO invested millions in this coin.

  4. Bitcoin,Zcash
    that is only once i belive.
    I am since feb.13 inside.
    Slushpool is a good indicator for "good" coins.
    I know the thing with namecoin.
    But think about the name of namecoin :-).
    Be careful and hodl.

  5. Hello, we have created a new mining pool for Zcash called MauPool. We even made a short movie.
    It has great features like:

    • Jackpot system

    • Minimum payout 0.01 of mined currency

    • 1% Fee

    • PPLNT payments

    • No account or login

    • Real-time Shares display on your miner page

    • Clean and modern interface in browser even on mobile

    • Enterprise grade powerful and reliable servers and active tech support

    • Active development with a long list of features on our roadmap

  6. 2 months later, and Zcash is at $110 right now. Are you still standing by your prediction?
    I just bought some Zcash today at around $110. Let see if it will 10x by next year

  7. I just watched this ! Fair observations. Where do you stand on ZCASH and it's price target now ? It is currently trading at around $52. I'd be interested in reading your views. Did you notice the enormous volume yesterday ?

  8. Super Zcash it's complaint to new G20 FATF requirements of next 21th June, google zcash regulatory & compliance brief and read it. Awesome!

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