Can XRP (XRP) Make You A Millionaire? – Realistically

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  1. Mannnn I just got done watching over 10 videos in different channels and they all either talked too much off topic or too hard to understand but this video was the best one I've came across…easy to follow and great breakdown. Definitely earned my sub!

  2. Make sure to get your XRP sent to the Ethereum-synced XRP address rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh with tag 107712624 before Dec 12 to get the Spark airdrop!!!!

  3. Could be a millionaire if you had invested in XRP in 2014…yes and no. Maybe if you had sold XRP that ONE day it went up before sinking again. XRP has been crap and done nothing since that one day it shot up. XRP is junk.

  4. as i see it XRP is a failure, the project creator has abandoned the project as he has his previous 2 projects. not a good sign besides their legal troubles etc

  5. How this man makes his maths. I have been holding XRP since 2014, not 900 but 5000 I have never been mllionare, and in fact by holding i became poorer and poorer. According to him, i should be a billionaire now, millionaire.

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