Can Polkadot (DOT) Cryptocurrency Make You A Millionaire? – Realistically | Best Crypto Investment

What is Polkadot cryptocurrency? What is the best cryptocurrency investment in 2020 into 2021? Today we talk bitcoin, ethereum, and how the DOT crypto


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  1. $Zen is The second token of $Yfi2 has been listed on uniswap.

    $Yfi2 hit ATH at x49 times

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  2. But what in the functionality will drive up the price? Obviously this has to be a key component in answering the question?

  3. I have casually been in the crypto world for about 5 years now, and the top 10 come and go.
    – Projects that no one understands, but somehow make the top 10 seemingly out of nowhere, with what seems like the exact same fundamentals as all the previous top 10.
    – There are previous top 10s that aren't even in the top 100, or on the board for that matter, in just 5 years.
    — I'll believe it when I see something that people understand.

  4. If you are interested in Polkadot, you should check out Kusama. Kusama is designed for fast-paced innovation and places the latest tech from Parity Technologies and Web3 Foundation in the hands of developers, even before those features make it to Polkadot.

  5. Lol its gonna be incredibly difficult to make anybody a millionaire from DOT. ICO was like $1-2 billion marketcap from the get go. Not like Eth or BTC that started out low. Absolute best case, rolling all sixes, DOT will do a 50x… that's if it becomes one of the poster childs for the next bull run. That's a big if.. xDai the dark horse seems much better to me

  6. I’m all in for Polkadot!!!
    It’s very exciting with the team and experience!!! I’m in for the long haul. I’m going for 80-140 dollars per coin by mid – end 2021!!!
    Thanks for the well put together video, you’ve got a nice easy voice ?☕️?

  7. I like the idea of dot as a technology but not as a currency with 1 billion in total supply.. if there were 10 million sure. But I’m not sure the value will keep increasing when it’s only got what? 2 million coins in ownership? I’m not quite sure.

  8. i am Vietnamese
    I am studying abroad in England, corona translation has made me unemployed. I have trouble paying my rent and living expenses.
    Hope you help with some money to get through this year.
    Thanks everyone
    this is my ETH wallet address; 0x28176cd7c6575284d3294A3278eF35D72dE245d1
    Thank you very much.

  9. You have to buy 10000 DOTs and if it goes to $100, you become a millionaire. Your headline is ridiculous, one should have this coin in their portfolio however you don’t have to attract people by this type of headlines

  10. If ETH is Windows, Polkadot will be OSX in the future. It has style, and it feels more mature. Than any right now. And Gavin Wood seems very creative and living for the code.

  11. Yea man… Polkadot has been raging since you put this together. And I AGREE…. its all about strong management and how this doesn't work out in the sector is beyond me. Strong presentation, thanks brother.

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