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  1. I have a feeling that quantum computing will mess with the whole crypto ecology. I have no idea what kinda hash-power these things will have, but… we'll see 🙂
    Untill then, hodling my way to the bank.

  2. That was actually a good debate, they both have valid arguments. It's just one only trusts the past, while the other sees the future.

  3. I was the first in my circle into crypto. Now some of the people in my circle are falling into to it also. And they all are charmed by altcoins. Don't get me wrong. I think they have a place and time. But most of them live on hype. Just like watching games getting sold at Steam that are just in alpha mode. Ridiculous… So much can happen until they are robust systems

  4. The buy and hold strategy illuminates precisely the advantage of Bitcoin investments which is based on the concept that in the long run equity markets give a good rate of return despite periods of volatility or decline

  5. Trade Gold with aliens, lol sure dude. If you’re an ET you have infinite planets and asteroids with gold to visit if you where able to get to earth you can visit other places as well

  6. Can someone please counter these points? I genuinely want to know.

    Bitcoin is not anonymous, meaning if you make a transaction today for activities that becomes illegal tomorrow you certainly can be criminally charged and the proof of your crime will be the bitcoin itself. Bitcoin is not limited, I can make a parallel crypto called Bitcoin 2.0(they might have that already, seems like there is 3 or 4 versions of bitcoin out already and more to come). I can then mine it, market it, and sell it to all the sucker who fall for fake value and nice stories. Even though my crypto is running as a parallel currency will still not be able to divert value from bitcoin. Please tell me how this is not inflationary. Bitcoin is not decentralized, the large miners control a majority of the created bitcoin and move the price as they see fit. Also, the miners create and implement changes and updates to bitcoin code. Meaning, if at some point the miners decide to create an additional 21 million bitcoin making the total 42 million what is to stop them from doing that, and even worst they could easily hid such a change now that it is assumed knowledge that there is only 21 million. Bitcoin has massive counterparty risk. At any point, the miner could just stop processing transaction and that it your fucked like a duck (when ducks mate it is essentially a flock of mallard gang raping a hen sometimes to death. Bitcoin investors are the hen.) The miners could lose connectivity, access to power (making it expensive to mine just adds needless overhead and only adds to the story, not the value.), or it could just be make illegal. Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, because it is NOT limited, decentralized, void of counter party risk, or anonymous.

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