Can Ethereum (ETH) Still Make You A Millionaire? – REALISTICALLY

Can Ethereum (Eth) Still Make You A Millionaire? – REALISTICALLY DEFI Is So Hot Right Now, & Most Projects Are Building On Ethereum. Not To Mention: Eth …


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  1. amazing channel and video,,,check out ETH gold tokens(IND TOKENS),,,most amazing dapp contract ive ever seen,,,unbreakable,,see it to believe it dont take my word

  2. Excellent video. As a beginner trader, Avoid trading by yourself instead trade under the guidance. Supervision and support of Harry Gonzalez my expert I accumulated 4.5 btc with my initial 2.7 btc investment using his daily report.

  3. I think the whole market is setting up to bull run for the next 2 years, might be a slow build but I wouldnt call someone crazy for predicting parabolic price increase at some point (market as a whole). I think Eth and bitcoin are very safe bets and couldn't go wrong hoddling either for extended periods. I'd agree to use the alts for shorts and mid term holds to increase position in Eth or Btc. BUT, I am sitting hardcore in Elrond and don't plan on jumping out soon; very bullish towards it. Even though I might be more emotionally tied to erd than should be, I keep my eyes peeled on everything, and are open to ideas for better options. I like your supply and demand aspect when it comes to the Defi projects, and alts using Eth, in turn lowering Eth supply. it makes perfect sense. so thanks for your time and the video, best of luck to you, and everyone playing this game of crypto.


  4. Ethereum is hard money. It's inflation rate will be lower than bitcoins once proof of stake is implemented, which btw, it is certain that it will be. It also has a difficulty bomb implemented in its current proof of work algorithm. Please do more research before spouting unsubstantiated claims to hundreds of thousands of people.

    That price in the last market cycle was not entirely RAMPENT SPECULATION! Ethereum is #2 for a reason. The overall crypto market was inflated yes, but there's a fundemental reason why ETH is #2 in marketcapitalization and not flucuating wildly with the other sub#10 altcoins. Again, back up your claims. ICO frenzy also wasn't it. The fact remains that ETH is the only smart contract platform that has delivered in any substantive way with a truly decentralized and secure blockchain which is why DEFI is on ethereum and not other platforms.

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