“BULLISH On Ethereum! Cryptocurrency’s Future Is MORE Than Just Bitcoin!” Interview w/ Alex Saunders

Aaron & Austin are live with Alex Saunders of Nugget’s News! Alex has different opinions than us. He is fundamentally BULLISH on Ethereum and “Defi”.


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  1. ETH might just be the greatest invention of the 2010s, but its complex,
    and will take years yet to develop a world of smart contracts the entire
    world uses as default, and have a staking platform which truly rewards,
    and is not manipulated. Issuance also needs addressing, but Buterin is
    here for a reason. He is no fraud in a suit. He genuinely pushes the benefits of defi, blockchain and smart contracts.

  2. With NCR link up reminder of huge news for Bitcoin ETH and Litecoin below ?

    SPEDN was just the 1st APP on the
    @FlexaHQ network. You can now spend your $LTC at more than 30k retail locations with the @GeminiAPP.

    Here's the kicker! ? ANY wallet will be able to UTILIZE Flexa network and their massive retail stores soon. #PayWithLitecoin

  3. Haha BTC is still a an experiment!!! Let these Btc fools just hold BTC!! Eth and open finance is going to balloon! BTC was just as risky as Defi back in the day! Defi is a offspring of BTC! Support it! Because soon you will be staking your BTC earning on ETH!

  4. WARNING….the bitcoins you are investing in opn COINBASE are NOT INSURED. They hacked my account march 9th and took every coin. I was told the name on the account was wrong, they webcammed a fake ID, took everything.. I am dealing with the FBI, SEC and others. Lucky I already pulled out all my retirement money ( im in my 40's) and it took tracking down COINBASE executives to get a non robotic answer. I have the wallet addresses of where the coins went, but they are no longer there and COINBASE says they are not responsible, but SEC verified it was thier error that allowed the hack. So I have to been with lawyers suing them.

  5. For the love of God stop interrupting your guest. It makes the interview rough to listen to…. Also pretty sure the dude in the salmon colored shirt is drunk…. Not very professional!

  6. I doubt Bitfinex can keep tether tied to 1 $ under negative interest rates. They need to have billions of dollars in reserve to keep it tied. These dollars are in real banks, acruing real negative rates. The crypto amount can be constant, but not the underlying fiat amount.

  7. Earlier I said interrupting was terrible. Should correct that specifically to the guy on the left in the pink T shirt. Other guy was actually really good and wasn't all 'me, me, me'

  8. Vechain is crazy successful. Alooooot of partnerships! Part of the BSN project in China, I like a lot of your content but you’ve done MINIMAL research on vechain. The best supply chain available right now, PERIOD! No arguing it. “They need to get partnership” whaaaaaat how are you a professional? Stop it do your research on EVERY Altcoin that you comment on. That was the most un intelligent comment y’all have made on this channel. Name a better supply chain with more partnerships and a physical product and success down their road map… I’ll wait, you can’t name a better one in the world. And it’s not JUST stuck in one place vechain has hit multiple continents already with its partnerships. This is why it’s dangerous to not do your own research these guys. Are guys who read a whole bunch of article JUST LIKE YOU AND ME but they skipped the hundreds at articles and all of vechain Los partnership. YouTube needs to only allow official crypto channels to announce their own news. This is just SPEEEEEECULATION to the MAX!

  9. Althou this may be great info. I just kind find myself to watch it.. Its just 2 long. Could add a timeline.. So i can watch the segments i might find interesting..?

  10. Y’all should retract what you said about Chainlink and admit you have not done the required due diligence to talk about link

    If someone did a little research before watching they would have found this bit very cringe

  11. If you don't like XRP, try watching The Digital Asset investor. He will show you articles after articles as to how and why XRP will be THE ONE.

  12. Why all these fake accounts created yesterday with one sub commenting about interrupting? I don't see the twins or the guest complaining

  13. 22 mins in and no interruptions yet.. Will someone please timestamp when all these supposed interruptions are happening since the comments section is having such a difficult time. It's a bit long winded but no-one is forcing anyone to watch

  14. Jesus… going to let him finish Aaron? What is the point of having someone on when you just cut him off every 30 seconds.

  15. The guy in the beard needs to be quiet and listen more than he talks.. when ur friend asks a question .. please let your guest Alex answer it.. NOT YOU..!!!

  16. A lot of complaints here. All I see is a very valuable guest, with a set of hosts that are learning to be better every day with their channel ?

  17. bnaccas76

    @Nugget's News I'm relatively new to Crypto but glad the most knowledgeable guy going around is an Aussie! I'm already a Pomp fan and BTC Knowledge Podcast fan.

    What is the best place/group of yours Alex to join for general crypto info and trading tips? I'm working my way through Ivan On Tech's courses…love it!

  18. Dude in black hoodie looks like he’s paid to never smile ? why he look so sad and soulless ? He must’ve lost sum money ????

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