Bull Market Confirmed! 4 Year Cycle Still Relevant. Expert Bob Loukas Says: PREPARE TO GO HIGHER!

Bull Market Confirmed! 4 Year Cycle Still Relevant Expert Bob Loukas says: PREPARE TO GO HIGHER! Original Video: We Have Come So Far …


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  1. I think his predictions are low. Why? a. We've never been this low entering a halving. b. We've never had the money printer kicking into overdrive going into a halving.

  2. My gut tells me Bob's video is bull shit. This is the time to follow guts and not TA> All TA analysts will be useless in the next phase of Bitcoin. TA takes into account past performance to project future. All our past with petrodollars ended on April 21 , 2020 with oil prices going negative. Period. Forget the past. Now start drawing BTC chart afresh from April 21. A new world and new money system will be ready for launch at the time of BTC halving. It may come into effect only in 2021. But smart people who invest in BTC will smell it by May 10 th. And all of you will have to throw all the TA analysis into dustbin. The best thing to do is to keep quiet till halving

  3. I can tell some of the people in these comments aren’t emotionally and mentally capable with hodling. It literally doesn’t matter what the price is now or at the end of the year. In a year or two they will all do massive pumps and we may never see a 10k bitcoin or 0.0 coin again apart from new coins created in the future

  4. Forget the 4 year cycle. It's irrelevant.
    1 bitcoins birth 2008 that's 12 years of data not enough to be reliable.
    2 covid19
    3 major super recession coming
    4 us election
    5 China will launch its national blockchain platform called BSN

    Therefore bitcoin will go parabolic sooner than end of 2021.

    My opinion of course.

  5. BTC will reverse down to minimum $4k, I'd say maximum 3k before it goes upward, it's just hitting a major resistance confluence… So don't buy now, buy later! Plus, buy after the halving. Watch and see

  6. Can someone help? I’m new to crypto but have already researched and have bought BTC and ETH I want to now get altcoins. Live in North Carolina can’t find exchange platforms for USA traders. Binance US doesn’t do NC. Bittrex not with US Kucoin either or very little altcoins please recommend others for US

  7. I need help from someone. Because of people like you, I'm learning.
    If you're using coinbase and your Bitcoin grows to $100K. How do you put that money into your bank account if you decide to cash out? It looks like the transfers are only $2,000 a day. Maybe I'm missing something. The question is, how do you move large sums of money quickly if you wanted to?
    Thank you.

  8. I feel for everyone fomo’ing into this. So much more short term pain if hey need to sell lower then bought. I remain a believer and bullish long term, even more so after recent events. However, it has changed the playing field short term and lots going to get rekt unfortunately. Even if it is a grind to 20k 2021, it’s still a good investment if you can hold on

  9. You can't ignore the fact that the world is in a pandemic and every business is shut down which means unprecedented unemployment!! How can people invest in Bitcoin if they cant even eat!!

  10. I’ve been watching Loukas for years, I understand your sharing his content as he asks , but provide some original content instead of ‘stealing’ his videos… this is just another ‘I wish I was bob loukas video’

  11. I love Bob Lucas. He's such a calm voice in this space, and just trying to share what he's doing and has done successfully. For someone looking for a 20x upside he's almost conservative (and highly rational and experienced).

  12. My 2 Satoshis worth. Here are the 3 main influencers in my life for the past 4 decades. I can rarely predict ANY of them. Are you any different ??? WIFE, Mother in LAW & CASH. C'mon everybody trying to predict the future is a waste of energy. HODL !

  13. His point that it has been "max pain" 5:51 feels right. ?
    No pain, no gain. BTC is set-up for gain.
    The rest of the old, fat, crooked financial structure is set up for the "max pain" of death.

  14. good news I must say, I invest in Trias because it is a hidden gem that is a decentralized internet protocol and will benefit 900 million users at least, it is also a low-risk investment with incredible profit potential, Also, community members will be able to benefit from business partnerships and franchise through their staking model

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