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  1. The govt can and probably will easily change the legislation to tax your ROTH IRA when cashing it out, especially if the capital gains have been tremendous.

  2. Team

    Honestly I think it’s a great idea but the product itself is garbage. I went on to create an account and see the simplicity, intuitive, easy use, and layout.

    Literally the idea and concept is 12 out of 10. But the rest. Oh it hurt my heart so bad on the marketing perspective and final thoughts I really wish a lot of the issues get fixed because I feel like the mobile view, the layout, the user experience needs to be fine tuned because the visual is so unpleasant.

    Looking forward to seeing the fixes because it’s such a great concept and project that makes sense. But it makes other apps look like they are sitting on golden thrones the way this one is established.

  3. ?️BTC is a good investment but I think the ?️PUSH token of EPNS is my most favourite investment that will definitely help me retire early because it has lot's of potentials to do so

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