BREAKING: The US Treasury Just CLEARED Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies To Be Used By Banks in 2021!

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  1. Bitcoin should be reclassified as a currency, rather than "an asset". It is called the latter due to volatility, but if you look at the dollar, you could hardly call it stable. As a currency it would also eliminate capital gains tax for BTC.

  2. 350% gain from current levels doesn’t look enticing enough to compensate for the risk of crypto volatility. I wouldn’t be dumping money into crypto just to get rich. That time has has mostly passed. Better to just buy it to actually use it for its actual purpose rather than for speculation. This will be a real test of its actual utility.

  3. You really should tell people that the signup bonus will not show up in their account for about 3 months, and that is only if they leave the money in there until they get the bonus BC. I inquired and that was the info I got from BlockFi. So if ya'll are wondering, there's the lowdown on the signup bonus. Thanks for your videos

  4. Stay strong XRP ARMY, HODLE!!!! Keep up the strong fight, never give in, never surrender. Up to the last man standing. Victory will be ours TOMORROW!!! PROMISE!!!

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