BREAKING: The US Federal Court Just Made History For ALL Bitcoin Holders! | Cryptocurrency News

BREAKING: The US has JUST deemed bitcoin to be ‘money’ under D.C. Financial Services Law! What a MASSIVE turning point for cryptocurrency with this …


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  1. Sell ?all? the Google stock bringing the stock price down as much as possible and watch YouTube make changes fast.

  2. Nah, its not outragus. The defence lays the responsibility on scammers and not the platform the scammers use. Free market should decide the fate of youtube as a company. And the fact that they do not care that they make money on scams, shows that in the longterm – people will choose another streaming plattform, simple as that.

  3. The alternative to ETH is Energi a great fork of Dash becoming ready to have smart contacts and dApps directly compatible with the Ethereum ones. I bet some will migrate given the simplicity of launching a project already working on the ethereum blockchain

  4. Only reason they are doing this so that they can unleash their own digital currency. China already released a digital yuan and US and other countries will follow suit.

  5. You guys (Youtubers) make senseless analysis and predictions , your viewers are totally wrong guided for long term because none of you have even a little access to the biggest intelligence services.You know nothing about the bigger picture. After the COVID crisis the one and only crypto will be one without any CEO. Made be usa. Dumbs. It’s already there.

  6. So do you buy at $9500 or hope for a dip with the market crash? (Since some think they are correlated) How long will that take?

  7. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

  8. Gold hit 11-year high! And bitcoin went to 10k+ also, what does that mean? Shouldn’t have bitcoin gone down a bit? I’m confused, was it a pump to get out for a few days? I don’t wanna miss out. Anyone out there think I’m just being paranoid? And ill informed?

  9. It did not "just become legal", this definition already existed with the FATCA law, and this is only a trial court decision, not a precedent, but for regulatory purposes, Bitcoin and nearly any crypto coin is "money" under the anti-money laundering rules has been "money" for years. Crypto coins are still defined as "property" for tax purposes, money is a type of property. Cryptos are still not taxable

  10. Money is gold, silver, or copper, precious jewels. The elements of the earth, moon, and sun. Bitcoin is currency..a debt note. No more, no less. Money is the universal elements. Real money makes the world go round, literally. On a cosmic level, gold, silver, and copper keep things moving in all living things. Now the U.S. hoodwinks people again…convincing them that without elements, they have money??? Wow. The U.S. Currency Debt Note is attempting to usurp the position of real money under the nose of all society. ??‍♂️ If you don’t have coins in any of these elements, you don’t have money….you only have currency which is “legal tender” in this matrix. They real money is stowed away by the large families that have a stronghold on this world. The value of money can never be decreased as the fiat can. That’s exactly what crypto and debt notes are: monopoly fiat currencies.

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