BREAKING: The United States of America JUST Proposed a BIG Bitcoin Bill ?

The United States House of Representatives just proposed a bill to allow any personal crypto transaction to be excluded from capital gains tax as long as …


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  1. At least it’s a starting point for people who use Crypto for day to day purchases as well. Must suck to be below that Lambo moon profit level but still high enough to be CG taxes every transaction you make with it lol

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  3. Excuse me while I am busy over here stacking ETH & BCH. Not giving a SINGLE F about what The criminal US government says what I can or can’t do within the crypto space. This channel loves the taste of uncle Sams D

  4. To be fair on the Voice article by coindesk, you should have researched a little more. Block one CEO criticized this article on Twitter and provided explonation. You should not look at this kind of news from one side only.

  5. This is actually a bad news for cryptocurrency in the future. You don't have to pay taxes to buy a car or a house with dollar, but now the Law for crypto is set. If others countries will follow this law than people will pay more taxes and government will grow even further. Just think about that for a moment.

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