BREAKING: The Fed Has Substantial PROBLEMS w/ Cryptocurrency | DO NOT IGNORE

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  1. The Fed has no plan and no future. Let's daydream…Trump directs Coinbase to replace the Fed, Ripple to integrate with the US Treasury and XRP to become the new global reserve pegged to Gold.

  2. So we have fiat-based cryptos tied up in exchanges rather than banks. But no mention of the billions of $$ "tied up" in mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs, gold, silver, etc. "The banks wouldn't have money to lend because of cryptos". LMAO I say let the banks fail. No bail-outs.

  3. Of coures the Central bank/Feds aregoing to down play the use of a digital asset. They cant just come out and say that this is the future becasue then people will start to devalue the 1$. The first need to work on understading and rules and regulations and how to transfer the current worth to the new digital currency.

  4. If people stopped using banks, they'd go out of business. just like any other monopoly, banks should be scared. Thanks brother, keep up the hard work. I subscribed.

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