BREAKING: Singapore Hedge Fund JUST Bought $1.3 Billion of Bitcoin | Top 3 Altcoins Make BIG News!

Wow! Singapore based hedge fund just bought $1.3 billion worth of bitcoin as Ukraine government picks Stellar Lumens cryptocurrency for its CBDC! Get a $250 …


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  1. just wait till sleepy grandpa gets into office and they really start with the "stimulus" … jerome powell gon make dat money printer go BURRRRRRRRRR!!

  2. What do you think of Wise token ? It is about to be the No.1 top pair on Uniswap… It said to be the first Eth backed crypto.Can you make a review, it is mooning so fast, i want to know if it's legit

  3. Nice content, keep it up! I also have one question, my portfolio is around 1k$ and I bought with 80% of it INJ few weeks ago, so right now I am wondering, should I sell and diversifie on alts, or should I wait. Also if I sell now, how "thin" as you said, my bags should be. Here are the alts I will buy, if I sell now – Dia, Hegic, Kyber Network, Oasis Network, Orion Protocol, The Graph, Utrust, Vidt. (Should I remove some, because they are so much, what is your opinion) Thank in advance!

  4. ETH and Alts always outperforms BTC during the bull-run (and that's what counts) but BTC outperforms Alts during the bear winter (even do it lost 85-94% of its value during the bear winters) so what do you prefer? ??

    And you are telling us that you will "unload" your alts before BTC at the top of the bull-run? Even do BTC historically always crashes first ? But who da heck will keep all their crypto during a bear winter?
    I'll keep 5% and short it but obviously I will sell off 95% and reinvest in other markets and then go all in again after the next halving!
    But my BTC will be the first that goes in this top!

  5. Hi Austin, I've got a few channels 1 of which is devoted to Crypto-what I don't understand is why so few on YouTube are talking about how Total Market Cap is now $900,000,000,000 and was under $400 Billion which had been resistance for 2 years on November 3rd. Can you help me confirm or reject the Coin Market Cap November 20th 24 hour volume candle of over $1 trillion???

  6. Love your work, dude. I see you like your work

    Will make a vid about Mettalex? They seem to be very hyped ofc because they are preparing a yield farming triple APY campaign with no token sale. Is that really attractive?

  7. Can someone help. Why when the whale bought bitcoins did the graph go down? Is it because more sell transactions went through than buy as the order couldn’t be fulfilled at a 1:1 person ratio? Meaning there was 1 buy transaction and thousands of millions of sells. Does that make sense?

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